DIY Project: Dog Bed in under 1500 INR

Hello Readers!

For those of you, who do not know, I have a lovely little Lhasa dog who is very jumpy. Since quite a while his bed  [basically a large pillow] has been in real bad shape and I sooo wanted to buy him a new bed. But everything that I looked online cost me atleast Rs. 1500 and were just larger pillows. So they all were a big NO to me!

I then turned to my love pinterest to look for some DIY beds and found many options – wooden beds, bed from pillows and a tshirt and tyre beds. I found wooden beds and tyre beds most interesting but honestly wooden beds would have costed me a fortune easily so I decided to go ahead with a tyre bed. All tyre beds were really simple – just painted all around with a mattress in middle, but I wanted mine to be different. I decided I’d cut my tyre from front and also add wheels to it to take it portable, since tyre would be really heavy if I wanted to move it around.

Also because my dog is little in size, even if he jumps on it, it probably wouldn’t move that much. And boy I was right! I put the whole idea together in my mind and decided to opt for sky blue-yellow-orange themed bed. I’d paint the tyre sky blue and paint paws on it with yellow. I’d put an orange mattress in it and orange cloth strip all around so that my dog dosn’t get hurt fron edges.

The best part of doing DIY projects in India is that everything is easy – thanks to cheap places like wood workshops, hardware stores and “jugaad” i.e. you can ask a carpenter to cut tyre for you and they’d do it! WITH DEDICATION! 😀

So without further blabbering,  I’ll just start with the project and it’s details.

Stuff that you would need:

For the base:

1.  Tyre – I used my car XUV’s tyre – use the one according to your dog’s size

2.  Enamel Paint [of your choice] – I picked black, sky blue and yellow

3. Paint Brushes

4. Tarpaint Oil [to thin-ify the paint]

5. Wheels + nuts and bolts [if you want yours to be portable]

6. A cloth piece [I used 4 metres of cloth in total ; depends on your mattress size]

7. 1 inch wide cloth strip [depends on your tyre size]

For the bed:

1. A mattress

2. A pillow

[I’ll talk about these in detail below]

The base

1. I washed the tyre thoroughly with a scrub and surf excel to remove any dirt from it.

2. The next day I took the tyre to a wood workshop [these can be found anywhere, every locality has one where all carpenters are there; else just find a carpenter] and got the tyre cut from front and got the wheels attached. [They have right tools to do the job perfectly so they are the right option.]

3. Next I again wiped it with wet cloth and started coating it with black enamel paint [I mixed in some Tarpaint Oil for a thin layer]. Ofcourse I spread layers of newspaper below the tyre so that the mess stays at one place- on the newspaper.


Tyre- After cut and wheels attached. Painting it black

4. I kept it to dry and it took 2 days to dry. Keeping in sun was not an option since it was raining past couple of days.


First layer of blue paint.

5. Next I applied a thin layer of blue paint and again waited for 2 days for it to dry [Yup. Still Raining].  I put a thin strip of orange cloth in front also, because the tyre had wires inside and I did not want my pet to get hurt.  This time I also painted on the inside for a roughly painted look.


1st coat of blue paint. I put the

6. Finally I applied a second coat of blue because I wanted my tyre to be covered properly with the colour and it was a sunny day so I kept it out in the sun. The paint dried miraculously in 3-4 hours.

Drying it in Sun now- the second blue enamel coat

7. I cut out stencils from paper  of dog’s paw. Put the stencil on the tyre and painted it yellow.


The paw stencil. I wish I had made it with more space in between!


The Paw Print – Fixed the spacing with blue paint

8. Finally I added the the cloth strip to the all edges of the tyre, from where it was cut, using a glue gun [even quickfee would work]. I re put the new strip on top of the old strip.


Glue gun and the long orange strip thanks to my tailor.

And Voila my bed’s base was ready!

The bed base- forgot to take picture with the cloth strip on all edges. But check the video below for the same

The Bed

Now I wanted the mattress inside to be of orange colour and more fluffy and also wanted a bone shaped pillow for my dog. So I took the old pillow [my dog’s previous bed] and any other small pillows that were lying useless in the house to a mattress maker near my home. It’s bit cheaper if you provide the cotton, but honestly it won’t make much of a difference.

I measured the insides of my tyre and provided him with specifications. I also drew the bone shape on the cloth so the pillow could be ready. And within 1 day I had both my mattress and pillow.


Bone Shaped Pillow – About my arm long [hand till elbow]


The Mattress – 27 inch diameter X 4 inch width. The leftover cloth was used for strips.

Now I wanted covers for them, so they can stay clean longer and covers can be washed easily.

So I picked 1.5 metres of cloth for the mattress and half metre for the pillow and gave them to a local cloth shop to stitch. And my mattress and pillow was ready too!!


The pillow and bed in cover!

And after putting it all together this is what Spikey’s bed looked like:

And this how he looked on it:


Spikey in his new bed! He has been real patient lol!

What You Should Know

1. This project has really been possible this beautifully, because of  easy access to carpenter, tailor, mattress maker and the cover maker. Not only they were easily accessible but also cheap and this is one thing that truly MAKES ME LOVE INDIAAA!

2. You will have to be patient as my project took around a week to come together. Also all paint on your hands can be removed easily with tarpaint oil.

3. Do not start the project in Monsoon, because honestly sun helped a lot in quick drying the paint and that too, to perfection!

4. Even if you do not have a dog, this project can make up for a great extra seating in your room. Instead of wheels add wooden legs to it, and fix a wooden base to the tyre and you have a small chair. If you decide to keep the wheels this a great little puffy and better than those bean bag seaters.

What I would have done different

1. Use spray paint to make the job easier and quicker.

2. Cut out a more spaced paw stencil, because after I painted using the stencil, the paint was trickling down so I had to wait for it to dry and reapply the blue paint to show space in the paws.

The cost for the project:

Affordability or not, it is always the right thing to calculate costs for each DIY project so you know if it was actually worth your time and efforts?

Tyre                                            –       Rs. 0 [Free]

Paint Stuff                                 –       Rs. 350

Wheels + Nuts                         –        Rs. 170

Tyre Cutting& Wheels            –       Rs. 300 [to workshop]

Mattress + Pillow                     –       Rs. 180

Cloth for above                         –       Rs. 250

Cloth Strip[ leftover cloth]    – Rs. 10

Cloth+Stitching for Covers    –        Rs. 340

Total Cost                              –        Rs. 1600!

I am so happy with the outcome that it really was worth my time, effort, money and bearing messy room for a week!!!I made an awesome and a lovely dog bed; which is truly unique in just 1600 INR! And so can you! Follow my Pinterest board – Wagging Tails – to get more ideas for dog related DIY projects.

I have some paint left over and I’ll soon upload next – DIY CD coasters. They’ll be classy and simple and let’s hope they turn out right!

Till then adios amigos!

-The Free Spirited Soul


Piku Movie Review: A Hypocritical Tale

Movies are meant for entertainment and in many instances for education and awareness.

The onset of “feminist” wave in India is churning out more feminazis than actual feminists. And of course marketing agencies, celebrities and PR firms are all ready to cash in on this new trend. But is it right? It is surely confusing our tweens and young generation, where they should be taught more about the responsibility of choices, good & bad and most importantly- logic!

Yes feminism is needed in India, but do enough people understand rightly what feminism really is? It means EQUALITY for both men and women and not women being superior over men.

So to understand how feminism fits in a post about movie Piku, look at this little scenario:

Miss Deepika’s PR team: Let’s do something. We have to get you in the news. And enough of Sids and Ranbirs. It has to be something more engaging and connecting. Something that makes your movie Piku an instant hit. It has to start now and continue till Piku!

Team member 1: How about she taking a stand towards regressive state of women in India?

Team member 2: She is a movie star, it would obviously create huge impact. And she can do it with her celebrity panache!

Ideas..Ideas..Brainstorming sessions AND BOOM!  She talks about depression [because we did not know that celebs can be depressed too or that so many of them commit suicide because of the same], then she stars in “My Choice” video with other women from glamour industry- where she only talks about choices and NOTHING about the burden or responsibility of the choices. And honestly, if you were to ask sane people like me, half of her choices aren’t good (I refrained from using the word right). Although she was appreciated for sharing her dark story of depression, the “my choice” video was highly criticised by men, women and industry people!  It did do a certain damage to her image; maybe that’s why she later spoke in an interview that she did not agree with some parts of “My Choice” video – but still agreed to go ahead with it and let her represent the message that she did not fully agree with. BRAVO!

Deepika: But who cares! I have got movies in my kitty and still a fabulous lifestyle. You know I got paid for the video right?Du-uh!


So now that you are versed with the probable back story, let’s get to Piku. She is single, a working woman who takes care of her father –NOT by choice but by force. Her father is a selfish stubborn maniac with issues in his head that should have been sorted years ago- but did not for reasons unknown. And she, as evident in the movie, doesn’t like him being himself and dependent on her. She dislikes how he tells her prospect suitors about her broken hymen, hates his guts of getting things done his way- and honestly she seems quite tired of his drama.

But no! Did the movie just show a father knowing and being comfortable with his daughter’s sexual life? Woops! It has got to be in the news and now Deepika’s is the real feminist queen! Because you see we Indians (at a mass), are just new into the whole concept of feminism, so anything that talks of broken hymens is going to be spoken about in glory. And it need not make sense.

Further, her father tells Piku that marriage is for mindless people. “Why take care of your husband, cook and clean for him, instead do it for your parents. Anyway guys get married because he wants a maid.” I see there isn’t enough choice given to Deepika here as well. Also thanks to the movie for making me,  a girl in her mid twenties – who knows many open minded Indian guys, realise that my husband would want me for cooking & cleaning; and ofcourse by marrying I’ll become a mindless girl. And if I don’t get married then again, I’d have to cook and clean for my parents. So in short, a girl would anyway have to cook and clean! And if you want to show her independent, then there has to be someone dependent on her, else what’s the use- and she’d still be the one to cook and clean! [Hypocrisy Alert 1]

Also he has the audacity to state this, even after his own wife quit her job to take care of him. He did not like it, but apparently he never did anything to turn things around. And erm.. take care of him? Just so you know he is NOT sick. All he has is constipation and normal body weakness due to old age –nothing else. And I think it’s normal to assume that he wouldn’t be that weak during his youth, so why did Mrs. Banerjee quit her job for a husband who doesn’t like typical homely women- we’d never know! [Hypocrisy Alert 2]

Ms. Piku is shown to be highly irritated and frustrated with her life and her dad throughout the movie, and it is only after he dies (oops, spoiler alert), she learns that parents should not be judged. Yeah because her dad’s no more and life’s going to be so much more easier, might as well win some brownie points out of it. [Hypocrisy Alert 3]

Feminism is equality for men and women, not downgrading men but Piku says why be just a domestic help to a man after marriage, women should make their own identity. So basically all men marry just to get a domestic help in form of wife – and this movie is being declared as “New Age Feminist” movie. Lie much? [Hypocrisy Alert 4]

Now the question- why did such a hypocritical movie make so much news and has great IMDB ratings- you tell me? Because all the people I know of did not like the movie. Some went on to say that “Dude, It isn’t even a movie.” And I cannot agree more.

I loved Amitabh & Irfaan’s acting in the movie though, but the movie is plain shit.

So award for the Most Hypocritical Bollywood Movie goes to PIKU!

PS- Just so you know, I quite like Deepika Padukone, but to me what’s fake is fake.

-The Free Spirited Soul

A Sinful Pleasure : Poem

A couple of days ago I wrote a little poem while enjoying something I love. 😉

Check it out!


Undressing it with eyes

She came close to the sinful feast

The silken creamy white top

On the soft velvety beast

A finger & thumb was all she needed

To unveil it’s every inch and side

After a day of gloom and grey

A red velvet cupcake was her only pride!

-The Free Spirited Soul

Autumn in a bowl : Soup Recipe

The rustic golden leaves and the bronze pathways get me high, because I love autumn! To me,  this season has soothing charm of cinematic beauty that lifts up my spirit of my very much mundane life

I don’t know about you all but this is also a time when I feel bloated occasionally and crave for something light and comforting. And if you and I are alike then I guarantee that you would love this soup recipe which has everything autumn about it, that too without any pumpkins! LOLs


Apples -1 Big- chopped into chunks

Celery- 2 sticks- chunked

Carrots- 1 medium- chunked

Lemon – 1 round slice

Thyme- 1 sprig

Rosemary- 1 spring

Balsamic Vinegar – 1-2 tbsp- personal choice

Honey- 2-4 tsp

Cinnamon – 2 pinches


Black pepper


1. Add everything in a pot except vinegar, salt, pepper and honey. Add 2-3 cups of water and let it boil on a low-flame

2. Halfway through add in the balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and honey.

3. Taste the water from the soup and adjust according to preference the sweetness of the soup. It should have a very subdued sweetness just enough to tickle the tastebuds a little.

4. Once everything is boiled, take off the flame and VOILA! Your lovely soup is ready!


1. Apples add a sweetness in every bite, so make sure the water is not too sweet. The soup should have a sweet-salty taste. Sweetness in every bite and lemony in every sip!

2. You may skip balsamic vinegar if you want

3. A light squeeze of lemon won’t do any harm.


It is like Autumn in a bowl!


Yummiest ever spaghetti sauce!!!!!

I am not much of a pasta fan.. but whenever I make it I like it fresh and flavourful!

So here is my version of spaghetti sauce!

This sauce is perfect for few spaghetti sticks – equivalent to width of two fingers, so if you’re making more then increase the quantity.

Tomato- 1 big

garlic- 1 clove

onion- 1/4th

Rosemary [FRESH] – 1 small sprig

Thyme [FRESH]- 1 small sprig

Kaffir lime leaves- 1 small leave

Italian Seasoning- 1 tsp

Red Chilli Flakes- 1 tsp- as per taste

Basic Laves- 4 leave

Paremsan cheese

Salt -to taste

Sugar- 1 tsp

Black pepper- to taste

Olive Oil


1. Boil Spaghetti and after its boiled save half cup of boiled pasta water.

2. Grind onion and garlic into smooth paste. And separately grind  the tomato.

3. Heat a pan and add olive oil. Saute the onion and garlic paste. Once it’s browned then add the tomato paste. Saute well till cooked.

4. Bruise the herbs- rosemary, thyme and kaffir lime leaves and add to the pan. Stir for a minute or so then add the pasta water.

5. Add italian seasoning, salt, sugar, red chilli flakes and black pepper. If the sauce is too thick, add some more water to bring it to a sauce-y consistency.

6. Once sauce is boiled and is of right consistency, put in the spaghetti.

7. Twirl on a plate, grate on some parmesan cheese and decorate with basil leaves.

8. Enjoy!


I lovee this recipe because the lime leaves add an oomph factor without being too powerful! This is a must try recipe!

Buon Appetito!

-The Free Spirited Soul

When in England, Visit Rome!

I take pride in quirky titles of my blog, it such a pep up to a topic that must have already been written about. But then TFSS has its own way of keeping you gripped [read: quirky titles].

If you are in England, especially near London, then Bath- the roman city of England is a must visit. The place has something very surreal about it, as the moment you land in there you would want to walk to its every length and uncover its every inch- even if you hate walking!

Every street and every lane has a story to tell- something you would have never really experienced before. From dainty theatres to massive abbey and ofcourse always worth mentioning- The Roman Bath!

When I got down from my bus, I was starving. Hogging was the first thing on my mind which quickly changed to walking-on an empty stomach! Why you ask? Because just after 10 steps I realised I can go a day without eating but maybe never again I would witness the serenity in the air and the quiet liveliness- that I experienced in Bath. Quiet liveliness may sound bollocks but you tell me, how many times have you been to a place which is very calm with purity in its air that makes every cell of your body feel lively.

Heading down from the bus stop, I walked to the high street looking for a place to find a map! And let me tell you I am a sucker for such things- maps, postcards, sketches- because it is like that I bought a teensy weensy part of the soul of the place. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any and the map stations placed all around the city were not working- I tried two of them and then gave up! Then google came to my rescue- oh technology you always succeed in impressing me! So I quickly googled top attractions in bath but I chose to explore the streets that were probably unexplored, before heading to the main attractions. I cannot stress enough that every half mile took me by a surprise because it’s just so different and pretty!

I walked into tiny lanes that had amazing roman architecture – the whole city was a light mud brown with beautifully paved streets with blocks of bricks. Every two steps I took only intrigued me to go further making me wanting to capture the essence of the city in me. My walk took to me the Jane Austen Centre- where I could just feel what it would have been like to write in her era in a city like Bath. Sounds like a novel nerd, but sometimes when you visit the cities where the authors had written you very well get an understanding of the beauty of their writing, how and why they wove the story they way it was. *Sigh*

Then your wanderer landed infront of the fashion museum- honestly the charges were a bit too much for me so I just picked their brochure to read on my stroll. I am not a fashionista but it was a marvellous feeling to see the dresses that were worn during the historic period of 20s-90s.  I still wonder sometimes if I belong to that era in Europe. I never liked Indian food except north indian- I never was keen to try other types of Indian cuisines but have always been madly in love with croissants, cakes and tarts! I remember when I was 15 my dad used to bring me boxes and boxes of croissants. The pretty royal dresses in Rajasthan never ignited this feeling in me that rose up on seeing this roman city-Bath. Ah! Maybe I am just barmy! Who wouldn’t want to experience the ancient Europe.

So coming back to where I headed next- The Abbey. Massive & Virtuous is how I would describe it. The glass panel in the front had 82 I think-sorry for not remebering- scenes depicted from the live of Jesus. There is something about places that speak of god or prophets. They all always emit out such a pure and virtuous atmosphere and the feeling of oneness. If only religion fanatics understood the sanctity of faith and the holy one!

Then I explored the guildhall bath market which had such lovely and exquisite stuff that I just wanted to buy it all. From there I went to Roman Bath. AND Oh My God.

Like its unreal that something like that was built during those times – so deep, so perfect and such careful consideration to its each and every aspect. The technology that people had during those times makes me so proud that I belong to such a wonderful world!

And.. I saved the best for the last and that is Pulteney Bridge in Bath across river Avon. Ever wanted to sip coffee by river side and bridge, well I wanted to and I did so. Lovely cafes, beautiful swans and birds flying across the river and my favourite- the sound of water. It all seemed so fictitious because I could truly feel that I was a part of the ancient roman era in England. Some of my best memories. You can walk around the bridge, feed the ducks- be careful they bite and just enjoy the joys of being lonesome. Well, I wasn’t lonely as I had gone with my friends but sitting at the bridge seeing the marvellous beauty I chose to be alone for that period- because I needed to absorb the beauty of this outlandish city!

*Kru Kru* I only departed from the bridge when my tummy sent me a message “Sweetheart, 1 coffe ain’t enough for me” and like everything not so english in this city, I decided to end my trip in a perfect english style- Burger, Chips and *Burp* Beer. Because after all I did experience this Rome in England!

– The Free Spirited Soul

Star of the trip- Pulteney Bridge!

Star of the trip- Pulteney Bridge!

Living my Literature Dream - Jane Austen Centre

Living my Literature Dream – Jane Austen Centre

Teensy Weensy

Teensy Weensy

Inviting Lanes!

Happiness Deserves Recognition.

This year also will not be as good as I had expected, but life goes on. I did not get certain things I really hoped and quite many of my goals remained unachieved even though I slogged my ass off and tried without hopelessness. So I’ll just sign off another year as a bit of disappointment and hopefully next year things would be better! – How many of you can connect with these lines?

Isn’t it just how we are, we all are? Things don’t go our way and we become disappointed. We wait whole year to gain fresh perspective on life and have an epiphany only on New Year’s eve, then as we roll through life the following year, mid-way we again fall back into pit of disappointments.

But I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to wait for the whole year to start seeing things from a happy eye and then half-way through dwell back into remorse for things that could have turned out better,

Life Happens. Embrace this fact. Life’s a tough cookie. You will feel you know this cookie and its a bit over baked so you prepare your teeth and know that once you bite hard into it, you’ll crack it. But your monthly dental visits prove to be useless and the cookie just doesn’t crack. But that’s the beauty of it. You need not crack life to live it. You can still smell the cookie and feel it’s texture. Over a period of time, during the monsoon, the moisture would make it soft and then just a twist from hands would easily break the cookie. Wait for the right time. But then do not spend the time when it’s not happening sobbing about it. Because till then you can bake more cookies and even whip up some cakes!

Don’t rubbish these words as senseless and not necessarily the words have to connect to form a meaning, because that my friend is Life! So instead of being sad about things that are not happening, why not be happy about things that happened?

On 1st January 2014, I promised myself to count every thing that makes me happy during the whole year. From a small brownie that was so tasteful that it made my day the happiest to the job offer that I had least expected. Everything and anything that put a smile on my face.. I wrote it on a paper and put it in my jar! And I would read it on 31st Dec, 2014. Because I do not want to say my year was bad. I am tired of saying it for past few years of my life, I want to say that I knocked this year down and took home a trophy- of happiness!

It’s easy to complain and be sad, even easier to state that whole year was bad but we all miss onto so many little and big things that helped us get through the year and gave us our moments of joy. So this jar is for being grateful and realising that even in bad phases I did experience smiles on my face.

My life did not change. I still experienced my share of sadness and days when I wanted not to be seen but I realised that there are so many things that made me happy on a daily basis but only 5-6 things that made me sad during the whole year. These 5-6 things crept into my mind every now and then and made me sad. But the stats don’t lie. And it was just 5-6 things making me sad but zillion others on everyday basis, making me happy!

It just made me feel I, like everybody else, am always over thinking about the sad things and make myself worse, but never once I have thought of things that made happier to that extent. It’s all mind’s game. Think sad be sad. Think happy be happy.

I do not have more to say but I want you to realise that anything that makes you smile should be acknowledged and should be thought of as frequently as your mind thinks about sad moments.

I followed this process religiously and am still collecting my happy moments in the jar! Infact I even decorated it with glitter and stars!

And I dare you to do it too! You do not need to wait for January, just grab a jar and start!

Reblog this post and comment, if you feel what I said and want to bring a change in your life, if you want to tell happiness that it deserves to be recognised and be thankful for.

Share this if you really wish that you would pass one year without complaining, no matter how it goes!

Collecting happy moments- Literally!

For the love of smiles!

-The Free Spirited Soul

Every Bit & Bob that made me smile, deserves to be acknowledged and collected!

Every Bit & Bob that made me smile, deserves to be acknowledged and collected!

The Burger Hunt : Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

So Folks! I like burgers. I love burgers. I dream burgers. I eat burgers and I poop burgers.

For me a perfect burger has to be vegetarian [ since I am a veggie- by choice]. And that doesn’t mean you put together some quorn, beans and onion and deep fry that ish! It has to be a perfect juicy patty which should most importantly be well seasoned. Thyme, parsley, rosemary, dill and sage – when such lovely herbs are right around the corner everywhere in London – thanks to Tesco being right around the corner everywhere in London, then why shy away from putting the greens on my greens?

So me and my friend are burger hunters, he who loves his meat meaty and I who love my veggies fresh! So we started the hunt from various pubs in and around London and then continued to speciality burger places like Gourmet Burger Kitchen [GBK] at Portebello Road, Burgers & Cocktails, Shake Shack, Patty & Bun and so so many more.

So with the lovely burger quest of mine, I experienced my own share of adventure with some oozing melting cheese, some really yummylicious patties, some dry as rock and tasteful as nothing but water patties and some not so unique same old falafel or mushroom stuck inside the buns.

But my demands do not end here.. When I order that high cholesterol burger, I do not want to be stopping at just that. I want chips. And like their name they should sound crisp. And I want cheesy sauce with it. Now that’s when I feel I am doing justice to my calorie needs. And lastly, when the place has burger in their name they better have good variety both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians or their limited veggie variety should make me feel orgasmic else I just declare them as a FAIL.

So let’s talk burgers now!

As much as the hype is all around I did not like Patty & Bun’s burgers at all. They had I am guessing, anise added to their seasoning and the taste was really weird. Plus it was the oiliest burger I ever had. I like calories as long as they don’t come out clear on what they are.

Then I tried burgers at Burgers and Cocktails by Giraffe, and the burger was pretty decent but Bah! I expect a bit more when they name the place burgers & cocktails. Falafel patty for burger? Like seriously? It was good though, had nice sauces but I’d recommend them to hover to their nearest green grocers and see that from mushrooms to pepper to potato to tomato to soya to carrots to broccoli, how so many veggies can turn out to be greatest patty! All in all.. good but I won’t go again.

Then to the love of my life – Shake Shack! They have shakes, they have fries with melted cheese on it and they have burgers with cheese inside them so when you bite.. it’s real melted cheese. And believe me you when I say.. Each time I go there I do a bit of dancing! So why it isn’t on top of my list? Because they failed to introduce veg hot dogs and they just have one veg burger. Sad. Because when a greeedy foodie likes me looks at Menu she wants to get confused and be indecisive for atleast 5 minutes before ordering. And at Shake Shack, I have my order ready when I step out of Leicester Square Tube Station! So points on keeping me engaged and undecisive – ZERO!

And now let’s business! The real deal! The place that made me feel I can also proudly be a part of burger loving family without feeling left out for being a veggie- GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN! *EVIL LAUGH* Now if you know food. If you know burgers. You should know Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

As promising as their name I can smell burgers, feel burgers and even imagine the taste just with their name running through my mind. Thats their power. And they have 3 varieties. And all of them are great. Never have I eaten a veggie burger so perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection that I just want more and more of it. And they have great variety of chips- potato, sweet potato, skinny, chunky, rosemary! You see what I was talking about from the starting? They know the produce available in London and they know how to make best use of it. They are so good at what they do, that I visited them again in Putney to officially call off my burger hunt because I not only I found my prey but I hunted it down and ate it! The awesome and well seasoned burger, with perfectly crispy yet tender sweet potato chips were complimented with lovely blue cheese sauce. So the whole experience was just too perfect and full of taste in every bite. And not to forget the atmospherics and ambience- lovely rock music with some sack of peanuts stating that the sack may contain nuts. HAHA I mean their little joke cracked me up. I love them. Period.

So all you burger hunters like me, I just sorted it out for you. The next and right stop for the juicy burger is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Multiple Locations, Great Variety and Juicy Cheesy Taste. Not just for the veggies, but my meat lover friend also has GBK on the top of his list!

For the love of Burgers!

Disclaimer- I am a marketing student, with marketing in my blood, so when I suggest something or talk about something, it may seem persuasive and convincing but you should believe me when I say, I do not take money from businesses to talk good about them. All I write are my own experiences and genuine thoughts. 🙂


-The Free Spirited Soul

The Ultimate Satisfaction at GBK *Burp

Can you see the sack at Bag? Hilarious!

The cutest city: Brighton

Quick to reach from London. Quick to Explore. Difficult to forget!

This is the city of Brighton!

Somewhere by the sea side and in between the North Laine, I feel in love. With the city!

It was perfectly warm and lively day when I went to Brighton. Right after getting off at the station I went to the Royal Pavilion – which is a castle and was home to late King George IV. Nobody was allowed to take pictures inside the castle, but boy I can tell the king had fancy taste and a charming fetish for chinese culture. Such lavish and elaborate decors and architecture, I literally could feel myself wanting to live in the palace.

After leaving the palace, the most exciting part was the music on streets! Some lovely people playing some brilliant tunes and that’s when anyone living in UK would connect to what I say- street music is the most thrilling part of UK life. From there I went straight to North Laine- a beautiful lane with vintage shops, pop up boutiques and everything unique. It was decorated with colourful paper trails and I could smell fresh bread and cakes from bakeries!

Another thing I fancy and adore about UK is their love for street art – graffitis! Beautiful and massive graffitis could be seen all around, and on this little adventure only I landed infront of Horn Ok Cart- a indian street food cart in UK. It was such a perfect desi feel!

To finish off my trip and experience more vibrant yet serene atmosphere, I went to the Pier- Brighton Pier. The same place used for shooting in Desi Boyz- Indian flick!

It was so amazing to see sooo many people chilling by the beach on a sunny day. I even played games on the pier and ignited the child inside me! But yes I lost. LOL. All 3. LOL LOL.

But the best part of the trip was, by the british pier having chips and beer. — YOU SEE WHAT I DID HERE? IT RHYMED! I AM A POET!

For everyone in and around London- Brighton is a must visit city! It’s a unique and colourful experience – a getaway from the blues and blacks and browns of London.


The Pier!


Vibrant North Laine!


Horn Ok Please Cart. Momos <3

Art speaks volumes!

Art speaks volumes!