Best things in life : small, free and magical

Since past week I have been feeling really low!

No I did not fight with friends! No I did not have any tiff with anyone in family! I just had problems with myself.

I realized that I am Penniless. Aimless. Jobless. Funless. Hopeless. 🙁

Everyone is telling me be patient and enjoy this time, since I am moving to UK I would have to slog my ass off! Accepted.

But how do I enjoy this time when I have no money, friends are busy -even if they weren’t I still can’t go out. Hello.. I said I have no money! So anyway really depressed and upset with this period of doing nothing whole day I had lost hope of something interesting happening or maybe me smiling without being forcing it. (I know I sound like a sad person, but trust me this is JUST a phase :D)

So I wake up today @ 8 am for my painting class. It was good to see myself painting like 45% professional. LOL. After the class I knew this day would again be full of zero work so I decided to take a long nap. I thought meditating and listening to some beats would be a good idea to doze off. Picking up my phone, I played some Isochronic tones ( not to forget I was deeply relaxed ) and soon sleep came to me. This was my first experience with Isochronic tones and I had no idea that it would be this awesome!  It was purely magical and I loved every bit of it.

I wake for lunch after a few hours and then again rush to my bed to grab some more sleep. Like I said I have nothing to do whole day! I wake up a little later only to notice bunches of leaves swaying in the wind and dark patches across the sky – at 6 pm . Grinning, I rushed to my balcony because I knew what was on its way- Rain!

“Tip, Tip,Tip, Tip tip tip” the little drops touch my fingers. I bring my face forward and the smell of wet soil and fresh water fills my nostrils. Pulling my whole body into the rain I started dancing! What fun it was! 

I felt like Konkona Sen Sharma from Wake Up Sid as I sang “Iktara” to myself. (Yes I can be that filmy, I guess everyone is!) With each droplet falling onto my body, I could feel the boredom and void melting away to make place for bliss. It was after so long that I was getting drenched in rain and as expected I was really enjoying it.

“Thana naa na” – I could hear the thunder and it all felt so dramatic! What perfect timing. It was just what I needed – a rain shower, to wash away my stupid hopelessness and make me coming back to being crazy!

Yes I am still Penniless. Aimless. Jobless. but maybe not Funless. Hopeless. I guess I just need to look in the right places.

Best things in life are always small, free and purely magical 😀 !!
#I love getting drenched in rain

“A rain is God’s way of blessing us with Joy and Hope”

The Free Spirited Soul

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