Do I really need to say what’s on my mind?

As I entered the world of blogging, all set to write about what I truly feel – I paused. Should I really write what I truly feel? No obviously , I don’t mean to be fake by writing something I just don’t even think of ever but whatever I write , could it affect someone’s life – negatively?

When I started this blog , I went through a couple of blogs just to get an idea . It was then that I stumbled upon Shahana Nair’s blog – broken morning . I did remember how her blog became a rage all over the internet and was even in news – for all conflicting reasons. Her blog post “An open letter to a Delhi boy” shook the capital.

Writer , Shahana Nair, says that she came to Delhi around two years back even though her family and friends wanted her to choose “more female conducive” cities like Banglore or Mumbai over Delhi. For her the reputation of a Delhi boy is ”being ignorant , chauvinistic oaf with the intelligence levels of an autistic 3 year old” .She goes on saying how “she is a south Indian and not a south Delhi-ite and so she isn’t scrawny , fair and her conversation topics would be beyond  the“fendi” she saw in last month’s Vogue” .She boasts how “her mother was born into a matriarchal home where every single possession is in the rightful name of the girl child.”

The letter on her blog , broken morning, further speaks about the “bad English spoken by a Delhi boy, his obsession with SUVs and night clubs , and how South Indians have got other things to do like cracking IIT , pursuing their passions  apart from gorging on food. She signs off as “Yours Madrasan” and also warns that only she can call herself a Madrasan.”

Her blog post which stereotypes Delhiites being rich and dumb infuriated many people across the Capital, as many slammed comments on her blog as well. Rajashri commented that she pities the author and feels she’s craving for attention of guys. Redforever_aman  wrote “what about south Indian porn industry? Most Delhiites have a similar perception of South India women , a brand of women that is craving for sex at all the time”.

But some genuinely admired her sense of humor saying she just voiced out a million girls opinion and that they loved her post. And some also remain neutral on admiring her sense of humor but disliking that racist streak in her.

Obviously, any publicity is good publicity and this blog post helped her in bagging some writing assignments from magazines.

But the point I am trying to understand is if being so open with my thoughts is actually the right option? Obviously this isn’t the first time that someone has posted such harsh words for a community (or a person- for that matter) online. It is very common amongst our celebrities too , who usually keep *tweeting* about others actors/directors work , and mind it these tweets are not professional but personal and mean.

Be it someone as old as Ram Gopal Verma (who is currently in a tiff with Sanjay Dutt) or someone as new as Sonam Kapoor , all these stars , may or may not shine on silver screen but they definitely do twinkle on these social networking websites,  usually slamming some or other person which their super harsh words and then later apologizing .*ouch*.

Obviously these celebrities do act as an idol to others who then start thinking that its “cool” or very “bold” to write whatever we want about whoever we want. Such views do help a lot when we are fighting for a social cause or injustice done to someone but why do we need to follow it all the time without caring about how it may affect others?!

Are we so outspoken now, thanks to social websites, that we are always ready to scribble down what we feel , though it maybe super rude or of no use? Hello! Forget dining etiquettes, where are our twitter/ facebook/blogging etiquettes.

India is definitely a democratic country but are we not becoming a way too harsh and sometimes racist in voicing out our opinions. We can write/ post whatever we want to on these social networking websites but  should not one make sure that they do not hurt anyone’s sentiments? Even the term “democracy” should not be exploited. This is not only the time to “think before we speak” but it’s the time to “think before we write” too.

Still juggling with the idea of being true to my blog or keeping  social etiquette . Maybe I should just wait for the right time to come, which might force to make a choice out of the two. So right now as long as I am not hurting anyone , I would just be who I am , write the way I want to?

 PS- But definitely that isn’t what I follow on Facebook, lol, because each time it asks me “what’s on your mind?” I smile creepily because I am sure it really doesn’t want to know what is really on my mind.

– The Free Spirited Soul

If I have to say the truth – food is on my mind 24X7, But damn I can’t take to that because I have to make sure my tummy looks like – 11. LOL

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