Ask. Believe. Recieve

A lazy Thursday afternoon, college over and with nothing else to do I turned to my blog. My new found love 😀

Filled with happiness and positiveness, I was just wondering what is the sudden reason? Maybe it is because of this blog, or how in two months my life would change or maybe just I am happy because this is what all I could have asked for.

Sweethearts, today I am going to share a secret – a powerful idea of staying happy and content in life – Being Positive. Ah well, don’t give me that blank look now. Honestly tell me apart from hearing it did you ever really try it? Well even if you did, you got to do this all over again, because the free spirited soul is going to present the old formula to you with a makeover (courtesy : The Secret By Rhonda Byrne – a book)

Agar koi cheez sacche dil se maango to puri kayenaat tumhe use milane me jutt jaati hai” [ if you ask anything with a pure and true heart then whole universe comes together to fulfill your wish], these aren’t just mere dialogues from the movie Om Shanti Om but a summarization of a whole life changing philosophy.

This is where the “law of attraction” comes into picture which says “likes attract likes”, or to put it simply that your thoughts becomes your destiny. Law of attraction stresses upon the fact that if you think positive everything positive[good] will happen in your life, but if you think negative then BEWARE you are only attracting negative energy like negative people , negative habits to yourself only to make your life miserable.

For all those who are reading this with raised eyebrows –“No, this is no magic or some hallucination weirdness.” This is purely about thinking the way you want your life to be! Ok honestly , has it ever happened with you that you left your home late for work but kept promising yourself that “you will reach on time no matter how?” and you did reach on time?!  Or the best – parking is full , but you say to yourself “I will get it” and LO! you get the parking! Sweets, this is just the beginning .

My own personal experience has to be shared here. College’s 1st year – SUCKY. Different set of people, different ideologies and no one ready to hangout. And I wanted to hangout and explore my city. 1st year gets over, I pray to god and ask for a better college life with friends, fun, booze and good grades. 2nd year starts, I enter the college and 2 weeks things changed. The same set of people who were and are still different were now my friends. Classmates who never hung out suddenly now wanted to hang out and enjoy life. As I said, this is no magic. I asked the universe for a better college life and “I bow thy you, your wish is my command”, it spoke to me. BLISS

So stop being negative and smile and be positive . A single negative thought can ruin everything and that’s the reason we get to hear don’t be insecure in relationships ,don’t be fearful or full of hatred or grudges for anyone because this way you are only releasing negative energy into the universe and as law of attraction says “like attracts like”, you are only going to attract negative energy.

So now the big question is “ How do I use law of attraction?”

Simple !

Ask. Believe . Receive

Now don’t go around asking your best friend to leave her boyfriend for you , DONT believe in this because thou shall never recieve it!

Ask the universe, the god and have full faith and conviction in it.

No making mistake here- DO NOT ask for your best friend’s boyfriend, or your enemy getting low grades (even if it means asking god or universe) because this is negative energy you are releasing for others and baby..Its only going to come back to you HARD ! Ask everything in a positive sense for yourself and others.

ASK- Be very specific and clear about what you want.

“I want a lot of money”- from the eyes of a beggar even Rs.5000 is a lot of money which may not be a lot for you.

“I want to be rich”- in what sense?! Rich in love? Rich in monetary terms?

So be specific that you want Rs. 1 cr. The universe can’t deliver without first knowing what it is that you want to have manifested into your life.

BELIEVE- If you have all sort of creepy doubts if the wish would be fulfilled or not? If it would be fulfilled in the way you want  or how much time will it take? Then I have the answer “Your wish would not be fulfilled” .  I ain’t being rude but just truthful. Just asking isn’t enough! You need to believe that yes it will be fulfilled. The universe says “Your wish is my command” so wait , have faith in it , eradicate all doubts and just see your dream turning into a reality.

RECEIVE- A postman won’t drop in at your place with a big parcel saying your wish is inside it. Instead you will have to learn to receive. When an opportunity comes your way, take it. That’s universe’s way of taking you closer to your dreams. To become rich, if universe is offering you a new job – Go Ahead take it.

Its important to analyze what you want and what you feel. Have you been constantly suffering from bad relationships? Sit and analyze what do you think is the reason? Do you suffer from low self-esteem and consider yourself unworthy of love? So you will be considered by your spouse! Because what you feel would happen , your thoughts are turning into your destiny.

GRATITUDE- If your wishes are being fulfilled and suddenly one fine day they are not getting fulfilled as fast or easily as they used to , its because now the universe expects something from you! Be grateful to universe for whatever it has given you. Gratitude should be there everywhere for everyone who has helped you in making your life better even in smallest situations. Be grateful for what you have already , then start being grateful for what you have received more through universe.

Just asking isn’t enough because if you want to win the lottery you need to buy the ticket. So for all changes to come, you must take the initiative – work that way.

Let your actions show that the wish belonged to you and for the wish let it be seen or heard by the universe. How? Like this- write all positive thoughts or wishes in a diary and believe in every one of them. Record an audio file of you asking for that wish and give it a listen everyday for sometime. Paint yourself with your wish, like maybe you in a huge home , and see it happening.

If you want a relationship then make sure that your actions are like that e.g. when you sleep you are leaving a good space for your spouse on the bed [if he would have been there]. Thinking to this extent is not easy so maybe you can start with writing positive affirmations [wishes in positive sense] or painting.

Everything comes with some rules, which you can find here too .1 big wish at 1 time.  Don’t get greedy now that you know this law.  Everyday small wishes are ok but 1 one jackpot wish is allowed at one time. Either go for a big home or for a strong relationship. The universe cannot deliver so much to you together. It takes time. But you can surely continue with your small wishes like leaving  A LITTLE late for work and still being positive that you would reach on time, which you will *winks*.

Shun your inhibitions, negative thoughts and see what happens, it won’t be less than any magic!

Just Ask, Believe and Receive!

 The Free Spirited Soul


The right & positive energies would lead to every wish coming true, So wish upon each star and let it become real with the faith and actions glued to it.


  1. I always feel it is best to be positive (while still being realisitic and reasonable). Negativity attracts more negativity and does not help your situaion at all. We should always pray and ask God for guidance, we may not always get what we WANT, but God will always give us what we NEED. Being positive won’t necessarily make everything go right, but it will help you to grow and make the best of the things that life throws at you. Nice thoughts!

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