The Urban Village .. A Guide

Delhi – synonymous with chilling winters, splendid food, happening night life and in vogue Delhiites (ofcourse with a lot of Fendi, LV and Chanel) can soon see itself being famous because of a village right in the heart of Delhi .(ok..not literally the heart but thats okay, just get the feel)

When the fast pacing Delhi life and the monotony of clubbing and shopping in Fendi and Chanel takes over your life and you are in desperate need of a break then come to Hauz Khas Village.

 STOP you judgmental little person, it isn’t like a village  with charpoys,  tractors or “sarson te lehlaate khet” . LOL. It is an *Urban Village* (Obviously), visit it once and you will only keep visiting it again and again ( I guarantee , warranty everything you).

The place is compact and boasts of 13th century monuments, a large lake , MUCH LESS dense forests with sprawling trees birds & deers surrounding most beautiful designer showrooms, amazing cafés, coolest art galleries and chic furniture shops.

Now before you start wondering if a normal college-going-lad who’s always low on money can go and enjoy there , well , NO! until and unless your dad owns a mercedes.

😀 You caught me, ofcourse you can honey, just drop in there because the place has just so much to offer AND don’t worry about cash!

So as you enter the village all you can see is a long but a quiet road ,walking towards this beautiful urban village on your right you can see “Deer Park”, which is a must visit , a quiet place for nature lovers . Walk along the pucca path and find yourself taking glimpse of deers , birds , monkeys , beautiful trees and if you’re are lucky even snakes[or should I say if you are unlucky?].You can also visit “Park Balluchi” restaurant where you will be treated with lovely cuisine amidst the beautiful natural surrounding .This restaurant has also been awarded many times for being “Best restaurant in India”.

When you exit from deer park and walk more towards right[at exit] , keep walking till you reach the end and stumble upon Delhi’s most famous and cherished hangout spot- THE HAUZ KHAS FORT!! Keep your coke , chips , uno and suttas ready because once you enter the fort , you wont feel like leaving it. You find many youngsters here chit-chatting , photographers on their photo walks and even some couples who want to spend “quality time together” ;). Grab a place and relax , look out for the lake which can be seen from the fort , the greenery all around and birds chirping . This is a place which can give you immense relaxation because of its purity and serenity and can be utter fun too with a huge group of friends.

As you walk out of the fort[which I am sure would be quite difficult] , right on your right side you can see “The Bagels Café” which is a must visit . The yummy bagels and mouth watering  desserts can easily attract anyone to this café. Do try their “stroopwafel  cookie” and their “gouda cheese bagel sandwich”. In the end , make your tummy happier with their delicious “chocolate brownie”.

If you take a right , in the lane from Bagels Café , you will find “Kunzum – The Travelers Café”. Unique thing about this café is that it harbors books on adventuring abroad& in India , beautiful photography from several people’s journeys and occasional slide presentation from a traveler’s diary. Sit here and talk to people sitting there , read about travelling experiences of others , share about yours , grab a coffee and cookies and when you exit there you see a wooden treasure box which says “pay what you want”. Yes, you get free cookies and coffee until you are a courteous little soul!

You may also try “The Living Room café”. Walk in and the place screams “bohemian”, with a funny-names menu that can make you giggle so bad that you may forget to place your order. The cafe organizes music gigs and DUDE they are amazing!! Got some talent eh? Grab the guitar or drums there and rock ‘n’ roll here!! Do try their “the porn cuffs” and “lemon cheesecake”. Also checking out washrooms is a must, no I am serious , they are beautifully done! If the weather is good opt to sit out !

If you are craving for south Indian delicacies then again HKV has eateries like Gunpowder and Naivedyam to offer which are very impressive and a meal for two would cost just Rs.600.

However if you are a calorie collector then feel welcomed at “Elma’s bakery” and savour some beautiful cheesecakes, velvet cakes, fluffy pies and pastries and some amazing breads. Makes you excited already, No?

Ok Ok .. I will stop writing about food!! For you – the more of artistic kind , come home , come to Delhi’s Art gallery. If you are interested in artworks of Husain , Raza , Tagore , Padmasee . Don’t worry about authenticity , its very safe to buy. However, if you plan to change your mind and are okay with both good food and good work on display “Kuzart Lane” is the place for you!

If “hands on job” is what you believe in then head towards “The greenhouse”, a play space for experimentation , it also organizes events like “afternoon on book making”, graffiti workshop , photography etc. come here and tickle your brain cells and just get kriativ [see , I am getting creative already].

For some filmi masala walk in to “Indian Popular Art” and get all your goodies of bollywood , from postcards to posters and to even information about some old movie. And its not just this shop , but there are various other shops offering bollywood and even Hollywood posters and postcards.

Even for a shopaholic there are lots of boutiques and shops like “rajhwada” , “cotton curio” etc. Yes these all shops do offer amazingly unique stuff but the prices are sky high too. I did mention about entering if your dad owns a mercedes, did not I ? 😀

The Village is lot more than this, with many upcoming cafes (some amazing rooftop cafes like Thadi and Boheme), range of designer shops and the extreme peace that the whole road of Hauz Khas Village has attached to it cannot be described in words.

The place offers an out of Delhi feel  and as one walks down its streets – a sense of serenity is derived and more creative minds can feel as if they are living a  serene and artistic dream with “Classic rock” songs playing in background. There is lane in each lane , there are shops inside shops!  Hauz Khas Village is just not about designer stuff , bohemian cafés or arty little enclaves but about nature, serenity and a feeling that cannot be derived anywhere in Delhi  .

Come here , explore , eat , get creative and learn. Its one of a kind place in Delhi , where speaking to strangers won’t be strange or UNSAFE , where if you connect your brain to tongue-  people wont find you boring , where smoking inside a public monument WOULD NOT land you in problem [c’mon , that’s an advantage too]. 😀

So wear that explorer cap and go and check out every lane , every corner of the city’s only  Urban Village – where everything good meets – The Hauz Khas Village !

“Every moment spent there connects me even more to who I feel I am – an explorer, a wanderer”

The Free Spirited Soul

“Its only through art that you can see and understanding things from a totally different perspective”


  1. seems Hauz Khas village me Ph.d kari hui hai! 😛
    A good suggestion – Whenever you are low on cash just try being a guide to the foreigners who come for the first time.. and i promise you will never be empty pocket then. 😛

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