Finally a break from break!

Waking up at between 11-1 . Brushing . Watching The Big Bang Theory & surfing through other channels when TBBT wasn’t being telecasted. Landing upon channel Fox traveller and finding it way more interesting than TLC because I have watched so much of TLC that almost most episodes of it seem to be repeating!

Having lunch at 2. Again back to TV – some saas bahu-sagas. FLIP. shinchan. Backup. MTV roadies. yuck FLIP.  TLC. Repeat FLIP. Star World’s The Big Bang theory. Yayie. Leaving at 4 to take a shower and then roaming aimlessly in home – searching for an aim. Calling friends – some are busy, some are out already. Having dinner early. Switching on internet and indulging in aimless chatting. – THAT WAS MY SCHEDULE SINCE PAST 4 DAYS!!! 4 days!

How much I miss college now just because my life had some purpose like driving with some good music to college (FYI I love driving- the time I get for myself to be with myself) ! God, I really miss  college and my submissions. I remember how everyone used to dislike me for liking, in fact loving the submissions. Submissions could be dealt by either crying and cribbing about them or by smiling and enjoying assignments. Because of a god gifted sharp brain and thanks to my regularity in attending lectures, I tended to enjoy assignments so submissions always went away leaving me smiling. 😀

But yesterday was different! I woke up at around 9.30 am  because I slept early the other night and DAMN it felt good. So after having breakfast I  was going to take a shower and suddenly my BB beeps. Ah! the little blinking red light on the top is always makes me joyous just like a little girl would get joy on getting a candy. She may get candy everyday but her excitement would always get higher . I may get that little blinking light every 30 mins but the excitement is always there. It was a BBM from my friend asking me if I was free today? :O  The excitement ran like a lightning in my body because I knew that such a question means a plan in the making, a deadly plan.

“Totally. Taking a shower TTYL” I rush inside the bathroom all happy and excited. I come out and check my phone. Yes. I was right. I am going out with my friends today.

Grounded – I felt since these 4 days and yesterday it was the moment I was waiting for – A hangout with friends.

Hell Yeah! I get dressed and soon I find myself to be in car with my friends driving away to Noida for E.O.D  for some bowling.  The moment we reach there , we find it crowded, DAMN crowded – there was waiting for the waiting list as well!! So we reached back to our car and started towards Connaught Place. When all fails its MyBar that’s always there . So we went to MyBar and damn it turned out to be awesome as always! After 4 days this hangout was a bliss. After spending some 2 hours at MyBar we landed ourselves at Moolchand’s paranthe wala. Yes we also indulged in some amazing bhelpuri and gundi paan at Odean’s.

I came home at around 9  , too happy but I knew  tomorrow will be a boring day AGAIN. Suddenly at 10.30 pm my phone beeps . The little red light again and my little intuition tells me this might be something even more fun.

“Kal Khan Market @ 5  we all r meeting”. It was my other friend. WOW! Sounded even more exciting. After a little nakhras (because I was broke) I finally agreed to go with them. So today I reach  Khan with them all excited and looking like an ultra boho chic . How much I loved dressing up bohemian. After a lot of “route 04 or toro, boombox or urban cafe”  discussions, we decided to sit at  the watermelon cafe , for it serves some good risotto and enchiladas.

“The treats on me ” declares my friend who messaged and convinced me to be at Khan today. I got super excited because I already confessed to him that I am broke. We entered watermelon cafe and never in my dreams I could have thought that this would be so amazing. The 3 hours spent there were uber cool.

All 3 hours we were discussing our trip – where we can go , for everyone needed a break! “Bangkok, bitches!!” “OI, chup oe, mummy na jaane dengi, lets go Dubai?” “HAHAHAhAHA. discuss as much as you want, ghum fir kar humne shimla ya mussorie hi jaana hai” .

It was then that I realized that all these trips, the destinations they hold no meaning without an amazing company so  even if it was Shimla, I was game for it because I can have fun anywhere as long as I got my friends with me.

Loads of beers, couple of shots and some amazing food – this is what was the best part of today. No I am a sensible drinker and I had only two pints. My friend  pays the bill and we leave the cafe.

I come home, make dad some good sandwiches and hot milk and finally I come here to continue what I had started – My blog.

It was today that I realized that there are times when I need a break from friends and prefer being alone – reading , eating, watching Tv and just being alone but there are a lot of moments when I crave for the company of my friends.  They are the reason why I still have hope that many good things will come my way and its ONLY with them I can be completely me – crazy , idiotic and super illogical.

Going away from them for a year would be just too tough for me but I know they would be my strength here again , supporting and encouraging me to make new friends and enjoy my life.

I am sure it would work that way because as long as I have my friends with me I am determined to fight anything and everything that comes my way – be it as small as just few days of sheer boredom and doing nothing.

Hoping for lots of fun in the coming week and some extra cash too eh?! “Prays”

The Free Spirited Soul

“When everythin fails, we would close our eyes to the bad, cover our ears and listen to no evil and wrap our mouth and speak no crap , but we promise never to close our heart or withdraw our hands from each other”

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