The 20 second silence on phone with parents..

Each time I am out, my parents call me to ask where am I?In what time will I reach home or maybe just to check that I am safe!?

So again it happened last night, I was out with friends and I my phone rings. It was my dad. So I rush out of the restaurant because it was too noisy and take the call.

“Where are you beta?”, my dad enquires

“Papa at  a restaurant – Synk”

“when will you be home?”

“in 20 mins”


“hello? Papa?”. Positive that I will get a reply!

“…………………..BEEP.” He disconnects.

And this did not happen for the first time yesterday! Its an “every-phone-call-scene”. Not just hangouts , even if he calls for some other purpose, the phone is always kept down without any byes and a 10-20 second silence.

Anyway I return to my table and ask my friends if they experience the same. “ditto!!” , “Hahaha, So its with you too?” – these responses from my friends assured me that my parents are normal. lol.

But the little psychologist in me really wants to know about this PARENT BEHAVIOR. What does the 20 second silence expression is suppose to mean  – an assessment of our surroundings via phone? An expression of anger? Should I imagine them with raised eyebrows, disgusted with my hangouts? Or maybe our parents are rich enough that they can afford to just let go off the cell phone balance like that!

Maybe they do not themselves realize it-THE SILENCE  .. THE LONG SILENCE ?

Oh god! Someone please tell me the reason for it, till then I think 20 second silence is going to be a mystery for me!

So readers! If anyone of you ever figures it out, it would be a delight if you share it with me. I promise to skip my dessert that day!

PS– Exactly what you are thinking! I tried asking my parents this – they gave me blank expressions and then changed the topic to something they considered more meaningful.*Hello, tell me pleasee* – My heart screamed but it fell on deaf ears – or maybe I forgot to open my mouth to let out the scream !

– The Free Spirited Soul

“Hello , Hello I am waiting .. Oh I think Dad Hung up without saying something!”


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