All American Diner @ New Delhi

Lazy days and TV. What a perfect combo! So it was one of those days when I switched on TV and without any second thoughts  I jumped to TLC channel. Food Paradise– they were telecasting. My stomach growled- in envy and anger combined. It was showing the most amazing food joints in America. 

Sausages, burgers, pancakes AND omelettes and what not! Being a big foodie it was no less than a torture for me to see all those food items (ofcourse on TV), knowing I may not be lucky enough to get a true american taste ever. But life goes on .

A few days later I spoke to a friend of mine and she told me about “The All American Diner” at Indian Habitat Center, Delhi. I couldn’t help but grin in excitement because the name seemed very promising and inviting.

Next day we went there for lunch. Now the first thing that you need to know. Be there in time or be ready to wait – they don’t make reservations and are mostly full! We waited for around 20 minutes and then we seated ourselves.

The look of the restaurant, the cutlery and the music -to be precise I can never imagine an ambience so American! Classic english songs, posters of english movies and Audrey Hepburn adorned the walls and the cutlery and showpieces EXACTLY how they showed in those American restaurants on TLC.

The restaurant was filled with aroma of omelettes and sweet pancakes and as I turned my eyes from one corner to another, the place was actually full – lucky that we got a table, I thought to myself. Even the diners seemed so classy, just like the place!

We seated ourselves and were going through the menu. Hot Dogs, Bacon, Sausages – as imagined, it had everything!

We ordered Mushroom & Cilantro Burger, Classic Double Decker Burger, Baked Hash and Corn and Pot pie (or something, I don’t remember). We ordered malt shakes and peanut butter smoothie.

As we were waiting for our order to arrive, the soothing tune of “Raindrops are falling on my head” fell onto my ears. The place was calm yet hustling and bustling.  😀

Our order arrived and took my mind away – to those cookery shows which showed american food. The food @ American Diner seemed exactly like that. So I grabbed the fork and knife – for obvious reasons!!

I had ordered the mushroom burger and with each bite that I took, my mouth did fill with great taste! The taste seemed so American. The perfectly made bun and the soft and juicy filling was just a little too perfect and a superb smoothie to wash it all down.

We all were really happy with the food. After finishing it off (which was too quick 😛 ), we ordered a Rockin’ Waffle Sundae – which was exactly what a dessert should be – Frosting on top of a cake !(I don’t like cherries) 😛

After eating even those little crumbles off the plate, we called for the cheque. We were really happy as being college students – we are mostly low on cash (or let’s say we perceive us to be so! 😆 )and the bill was roughly 2000 INR which made it around 500 INR per person. (We were 4 people)

The amazing American food- still tingling our taste buds and separation from little cash left all of us very happy!!

Now when I would watch those American Cooking shows, there would be less of envy from me!


My rating of The All American Diner is 5 out of 5!

– The Free Spirited Soul

“photo credits: Zomato. The All American Diner @ Lodhi Road”


  1. I’m glad u liked the American food but as an Australian who dined on Indian last night (and many other times) I think ur food is fabulous, delicious, flavoursome….yummy! PS Thankyou for visiting my blog.

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