I am late but I am glad I made it!

Hello peeps.

Just incase you’ve been wondering where miss writer is lost, well I actually was lost! You know I came to England for my studies and life has been weird since then, or I perceived it to be.

I had been an emotional wreck! Missed family and friends way too much. The weather here made me feel depressed (sick rains, tough winds and Coo-err-old. Yes I am shivering even in my room. I was Lazy half of the time. I did not even feel attending classes, talk about studying!

So I realized this sickly cold-always-weather isn’t for me, for I am a happy girl and I ain’t got no time to be sad! 😀

Last month I took a short trip to India, met all my friends and family, did things that I used to do back home, lived the charm of my City again and then I had to come back 🙁 .

But I am happier. I am at peace. I am again “me”.

I just realized that in these 7 months I have lost a lot. Or to be honest let a lot lose me!

I have been lonely a lot of times.

I have cried for no reason.

I have been mostly partying  (which honestly doesn’t make me happy truly).

I have been around people that weren’t really right for me.

And worst I let all this affect me .

I stopped blogging, I lost enthusiasm into doing some nice job in this new place, I never felt like studying (though I love my course) But I was still a wanderer – but no more on roads, only of thoughts!

Wondering what made me come back? REALIZATION .

Today I was putting together my Employability Portfolio and my professor really appreciated my skills. And then I realized that he was appreciating the old me, the better me – the person who had a zeal to try out new things, ambitious me, who was independent and above all free spirited!

I had to get myself back and I know it was easy! All I had to do was STOP BLAMING the weather of England and GROW UP.

What could be better than going back to my old space, I thought to myself. So here I am – back to where I belong  – My Blog! <3 😀

And today I promise myself no matter what never to lose myself again. Life is tough sometimes but not everyday you can have the sunshine [England taught me that, literally! 😀 ]

So grab your sunglasses, even if it’s raining cuz honey sometimes “It’s not about what it is, It’s about how you see it.”

Whatever happens, happens for good. And believe me even this low phase of life taught me amazing stuff, and best part I am ME again ! 🙂

So I am back with a Bang! Not sure how many of you actually read my posts, but imma be posting ! Because that’s what keeps me happy 🙂

PS -I have got deadlines. Assignment deadlines. I really shouldn’t be blogging here?! lol

– The Free Spirited Soul

"You can't have the sunshine without the rain"

“You can’t have the sunshine without the rain”

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