Be united by different beliefs.

There are atheists. Then there are theists. There are people who believe in astrology/readings for future. Then there are people who firmly believe in creating their own destiny.

There are people who carry a set of beliefs but are open to beliefs of other people, even if they don’t start believing in them. THEN there are people who will force their views on you, because their number 1 belief is that their point is the right point. This is where they are wrong. This is where anyone can be wrong.

It is normal (and if you see through my eyes- beautiful) that everyone carries different views, beliefs and thought process. We are an amazing bunch of messed up people. Amazing because everyone is different, serving a purpose to their life. Messed up because we never accept differences in others!

Certain people are blinded by their confidence and their faith in their perception, that they can’t see you being open to a different view. I believe this is wrong. Isn’t it amazing that there are such contrasting views amongst people? One says everything is pure science and Gods were aliens (reference from TV show Ancient Aliens) and the other says that everything is power of love & faith and we are all Buddhas. While one loves listening to “Chikni Chameli” the other can’t listen to anything but “Pink Floyd”.

We could be divided by so many views/perceptions at so many levels.However we can be united by just one thought, one action- Acceptance.

Why can’t we start viewing the beauty in different opinions and accept it as their point, until and unless you by choice want to accept their perception as yours. I am not stating that don’t indulge in healthy debates or discussions, but don’t force your viewpoint on someone else.

There’s beauty in everything, as long as you keep an open mind. This little tip I gave you in this post would surely help you in staying connected with a lot more people because you’ll start accepting them as they are! Different yet amazing!

-The Free Spirited Soul


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