I want to brag a minute!

Readers!! I know it has been a super long time since you read a piece of my mind! What to do? I have been busy and somehow (weird though) blogging was not even near my mind. But here I am back again!


Are there certain times in your life when people around you are always telling what they are good at, how intelligent they are, how much they understand the way of living in this selfish world ? No? I am sure then they belong to the other categories of braggers – showing off their Chanel handbag ,Versace perfumes and Louis Vuitton glares. You sit there and listen. Yes you add a few lines to their bragging conversation and just smile.

Now you can be a person belonging to category 1 or category 2.

Category 1 – A down to earth person – who has it all. From Chanel handbags to a decent level of understanding and “samajhdaari”.

Category 2- Not necessarily the  owner of materialistic goodies from Chanel or Versace but with a decent life with lots of happy moments and again a good understanding of this world.

The above categories do not match your personality ? err well then you MIGHT be Mr/Miss Bragger  😛 ! (Don’t worry – coming soon a post on how to brag less? 😀 )

Anyway the point is why just sit down, smile and listen to these people? Ofcourse you are a gentle and good person but that’s not enough. You do deserve your own time of attention, the little happiness and loads of “wows” and “awesomes” that come with the bragging!

So for all you in category 1, go ahead boast a little about how much you love the color of your Chanel Handbag and how the Versace perfume makes you go bonkers. A little won’t do any harm!

And those in category 2, well bragging about your simple life may not seem the real appropriate thing when someone is flashing their LV glares. So wait for your time. The time would come when the person with LV might need your help to fix things – not with the glares but in their life. Where the money won’t really help. So go ahead help them and ofcourse brag a little about how you have been always amazing at helping with such issues.

Rule? Ofcourse stick to the limited time rule with 1-2 or zero repeats?  Do not brag too much and make sure you do not keeping bragging about a thing again and again . 1-2 repeats is the LIMIT!

So go ahead. Take a minute from those braggers & let the conversation take a turn to you!

Taste your share of  oodles of “amazings”, “too nices” and other compliments because a little would do no harm!

Be proud because it isn’t that bad when you want to brag a minute (or maybe TWO)!

 – The Free Spirited Soul

“Babbling since 15 minutes, will you please shut up? Because today I want to brag a minute”

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