Brick Lane.. The movie worth mentioning

You know I have been so out of touch with my blog.. so much has happened in my life which was worth writing but I just had this detachment with my blog.. but I am going to call it down as a writers block. LOL.

No matter if I wrote what could have been written here but today I am going to write about a movie that deserves to be written about. “Brick Lane”. Having lived in England for the past 2 years, the immigrants and their lives always intrigue me. Even the people living here since past 30 years are too much into their culture and many of them still are not very well versed in speaking fluent english. The culture and the mindset that they carry (talking about some fellow Indian-brits), is a bit too old fashioned, something that even India doesn’t believe in now. And meeting these “british born other ethnicity” always intrigues me.

They have their stories, they have seen the times that we have only heard of, they lived in a country that some of them could never actually call their home, they still love and are attached to their home country. Ofcourse I am scribbling down about only one side of the coin, there are others who have adapted into British ways and are living different lives!

This is where my heart connected with the movie “Brick Lane”. For those of you not aware, British-Asian films are quite popular here in England and honestly are very very good. We all know “bend it like beckham”, and today I will bring you another beautiful film- Brick Lane.

Brick Lane, is the most famous and busy place in East London. Apparently it is the centre of British Bangladeshi community. The film tells the story of a girl, who’s mother always taught her to accept fate and never fight it. When her mother commits suicide, she is married off to a man twice her age in London. The story revolves around their lives, 16 years of marriage, the illicit affair of this married woman and her children and husband.

Now such movies always take a very common ending or become about the struggle of a woman. But this movie touched by heart because of the man, portrayed by Satish Kaushik. I can’t believe that tears are coming up in my eyes as I talk about him, but his portrayal of a man who had dreams of making it big in London, reads about British authors and their novels to be a part of the british culture, bears a daughter who is loathes him and still manages to smile and be happy.

Isn’t it normal that in such stories we always end up talking about the woman, her sufferings and her life or what could have been, and to some extent this is what the movie tries to do it, but they have beautifully balanced the feelings of a man, who is not really hateful but not very loveable as well.

When his wife has an affair, on a certain level he knows about it and still just wants to keep a smile on his face , believing like he always does that everything will be fine or is going to be better. He is often a soft target of his teenage daughter, who apparently is born under influence of  western society and dislikes her bangladeshi, cultural and makes a promise but for some reason is not able to fulfil them father. And like any normal father, Satish Kaushik runs after her, wants to scold her but then gives in quickly.

“You don’t know the struggles I had, what I had to face being here, who everyday I had to prove myself. You know nothing! What do you know.. you never had to struggle or suffer”.

To me at a certain point it seemed, that Satish Kaushik’s character was slightly delusional or maybe just someone who would wait till he gets all answers and till then put on a happy and normal face.

I have never felt so touched be a man’s character, but here I just felt the pain and burden any middle-class Indian man might have gone through over the years of meeting with ends, keeping family happy and all he wants by the end of day is to watch T.V.

I am so glad that the movie paid attention to the man’s character equally because it really made me think that how honestly, sincerely and the most simplistic and realistic manner, the movie showed me what I could have never learned otherwise. We all talk about unhappiness of woman, being married off alone somewhere new, but we always forget about the man’s struggle- his struggle for approval from his family and his children.

The story is not about love, or affair or marriage.. it ends on a really simple note with the woman feeling that “my daughters should not live with the feeling that they accepted their fate or should never try to fight it. They should get what they want.”

And before this simple ending there is a charming scene where the woman says (for her husband) that I found a different kind of love, a love that comes in your life slowly slowly by each part and becomes an important part of your life.

For me to find out that despite the feelings his wife was struggling with since 16 years, she did realise that she loves her husband (satish kaushik) was such a satisfying feeling that provided me the closure, that such movies often miss out on.

Thank you Sarah Gavron (Film Director), and Monica Ali (the writer who wrote the book with same name), for such a beautiful, intense yet light and simple story.

Guys you should watch it once. It really give you a deeper perspective on people around you and their internal struggles.



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