People around you are always more sad, unlucky or fun than you!

Sorry readers, I have been too lazy to check and update my blog. I have also partially been busy with packing and visa work! But here I am again with a post that you all can very well relate too (I am sure).

A post that talks about some of the jerks/mindless asses around us!

Today I am going to speak my mind regarding one of the few things that really irk me about people.


No, I am not talking about buying more number of dresses than what I own, scoring better marks or being much nicer in front of my crush. That’s all passé – or maybe just that it doesn’t bother me anymore because I am habitual of it by now. (Ofcourse, you must be too )

But what I am talking about is when people compete with you on most petty and even sad things.

Like other day I was speaking to a friend of mine telling her that ” I am feeling sad – maybe because I’m leaving for UK. I don’t know how to cope up ” . Pause of 2 seconds. “Oh, even I am very sad, because in college – blah blah blah, atleast you would have a new place but with me – blah blah blah. I am so sad I am so sad” …

Peee..Peee, I hung up because I couldn’t take it -but that’s never how I react when someone else is speaking of their problems. (I am a patient listener otherwise 🙂 )

Don’t worry I told her it was a network error- LATER. 

Similarly so many times when I say “I had fun on a trip” I have this whole little group of idiots around me who would go on bragging and declaring that the fun they had is unbeatable and some even say that you must’nt have had that much of fun I am sure. LIKE WHAT THE FU**?

Not just this, you tell them that how spirits, ghosts and horror movies or even lizards scares creeps out of you and you have green signalled that nasty little person to go on and on about how she had one experience of it, or how her friends scared her and how she got afraid so bad that she fainted, cried, screamed and what not.

You tell someone you din’t eat anything since last night and they tell you they are starving since a week (Okay, they mostly say 2-3 days, still unbelievable 😡  ). You tell someone that you wake up late – around 1-ish which angers my mom, they without understanding that here you are talking about your mom’s attitude, go on to declare “I wake up at 3pm daily! Omg I sleep too much OMG OMG”.

Not only this , but some jerks have even started competing in drinking & smoking as well (my fav.)– which makes me pull my hair fuming in anger. You tell them that I had two shots of vodka – no more. Again they wouldn’t hear the NO MORE part but would definitely start off “Yaar tu 2 shots ki baat kar rahi hai? :O I am  already 5 down and now I am having second peg of whisky. Mixing of drinks yaar, Still see I am standing straight!” 😀 😡

So yes we have to accept some of these people always have more fun than us – which they never tell us till the time we don’t share our joyous moments, they are always much more sad and depressed than us, they are more scared of insects, lizards, ghosts and practically everything – until and unless you meet someone who wants to boast off that they ain’t scared of anything – such people are different type of jerks!

And finally we also have to accept that some or practically most people are idiots who are just there to compete with you in everything.

Well I don’t want to accept, but smash their face HARD. Assholes! 

Surely, I will tell some jerk next time that I poop around 1 kg everyday- deep yellow.  😛 I can only imagine myself listening to that idiot competing with me by saying “I easily poop around 2.5 kgs per day – and its not even yellow – its brown and black!”

Atleast that would unveil the “mystery-farter” in the group! HAHA 😛


– The Free Spirited Soul

“We would have so many participants for such idiotic competitions – only if they take place”

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