Compliments work- Only on Facebook !

This is in reference to my previous post !  Why giving compliments never works!? Before you read any further, go read that post so that I don’t seem like an alien babbling here !

Continuing with what I wrote up there, Facebook has pretty much become a place where most people are hunting for “prettier comments” on their pictures and if they don’t get it then they are “haunting” people for good comments.


Most pictures are now taken because they want to DP it and not because it’s a memory. The tagline of each image is so catchy that you feel everyone in this universe is a creative writer – even the girl who never opens her mouth in the class and fails in english.

Thanks to photo editors you can look the prettiest and all would agree. Remember the no. of likes on your edited pictures? Highest right?(Well, that maybe a sign from your friends that original you isn’t so pretty! Don’t Worry – Just Kidding 😛 )

So  while checking some random pics I stumbled upon this one and couldn’t resist the idea of sharing it with you all. So here it goes.

-The Free Spirited Soul

“It’s how giving compliments work!”


  1. hahaha!! This one was sooo true and honest.
    Now that one was “peachy”. 😀
    and well-suited to my friend circle too 😐
    But the same “complimenting” situation becomes more irritating for such things are done by guys in my group rather than girls!
    So basically tell me how to slam them off?? I mean one cannot usually say “Get a Life!”
    What’s a better take on this?

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