Cracks that charm!

Have you ever walked into a room and seen walls which are now faded, have black grey cracks.

Sometimes when you’re living in such a place for 4-5 days, when each day is about enjoying british nights and bright days then these cracked walls take me back to the old world !

Those little childhood memories, people I have met as a child , old best friends, walled city Old Delhi, and cute childhood games <3 I start reliving them all!!

Is it just me? Or really are those cracked walls are carrying stories of so many families and their lineages. Stories of so many people.

“Even walls have ears” – My granny used to say this all the time, and it’s now that I understand. Sometimes you walk into a room with magnificent  touch of old cracked walls, and after sometime you start wondering what kind of people lived here earlier. LOL. Don’t think I am insane. It’s just amazing because I have never found a cracked wall so beautiful.

My Muse : The wall that cracked!

-The Free Spirited Soul

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