Happiness Deserves Recognition.

This year also will not be as good as I had expected, but life goes on. I did not get certain things I really hoped and quite many of my goals remained unachieved even though I slogged my ass off and tried without hopelessness. So I’ll just sign off another year as a bit of disappointment and hopefully next year things would be better! – How many of you can connect with these lines?

Isn’t it just how we are, we all are? Things don’t go our way and we become disappointed. We wait whole year to gain fresh perspective on life and have an epiphany only on New Year’s eve, then as we roll through life the following year, mid-way we again fall back into pit of disappointments.

But I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to wait for the whole year to start seeing things from a happy eye and then half-way through dwell back into remorse for things that could have turned out better,

Life Happens.¬†Embrace this fact. Life’s a tough cookie. You will feel you know this cookie and its a bit over baked so you prepare your teeth and know that once you bite hard into it, you’ll crack it. But your monthly dental visits prove to be useless and the cookie just doesn’t crack. But that’s the beauty of it. You need not crack life to live it. You can still smell the cookie and feel it’s texture. Over a period of time, during the monsoon, the moisture would make it soft and then just a twist from hands would easily break the cookie. Wait for the right time. But then do not spend the time when it’s not happening sobbing about it. Because till then you can bake more cookies and even whip up some cakes!

Don’t rubbish these words as senseless and not necessarily the words have to connect to form a meaning, because that my friend is Life! So instead of being sad about things that are not happening, why not be happy about things that happened?

On 1st January 2014, I promised myself to count every thing that makes me happy during the whole year. From a small brownie that was so tasteful that it made my day the happiest to the job offer that I had least expected. Everything and anything that put a smile on my face.. I wrote it on a paper and put it in my jar! And I would read it on 31st Dec, 2014. Because I do not want to say my year was bad. I am tired of saying it for past few years of my life, I want to say that I knocked this year down and took home a trophy- of happiness!

It’s easy to complain and be sad, even easier to state that whole year was bad but we all miss onto so many little and big things that helped us get through the year and gave us our moments of joy. So this jar is for being grateful and realising that even in bad phases I did experience smiles on my face.

My life did not change. I still experienced my share of sadness and days when I wanted not to be seen¬†but I realised that there are so many things that made me happy on a daily basis but only 5-6 things that made me sad during the whole year. These 5-6 things crept into my mind every now and then and made me sad. But the stats don’t lie. And it was just 5-6 things making me sad but zillion others on everyday basis, making me happy!

It just made me feel I, like everybody else, am always over thinking about the sad things and make myself worse, but never once I have thought of things that made happier to that extent. It’s all mind’s game. Think sad be sad. Think happy be happy.

I do not have more to say but I want you to realise that anything that makes you smile should be acknowledged and should be thought of as frequently as your mind thinks about sad moments.

I followed this process religiously and am still collecting my happy moments in the jar! Infact I even decorated it with glitter and stars!

And I dare you to do it too! You do not need to wait for January, just grab a jar and start!

Reblog this post and comment, if you feel what I said and want to bring a change in your life, if you want to tell happiness that it deserves to be recognised and be thankful for.

Share this if you really wish that you would pass one year without complaining, no matter how it goes!

Collecting happy moments- Literally!

For the love of smiles!

-The Free Spirited Soul

Every Bit & Bob that made me smile, deserves to be acknowledged and collected!

Every Bit & Bob that made me smile, deserves to be acknowledged and collected!

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