Joys of lonesome

If you learn to be lonely, you’ll always love yourself!

Some days turn into months.. and loneliness takes over. Initially you resist it, thus leaving you moody. Then you eventually adopt it and mould into it. Then you accept and finally love it.

This is the best phase of your life. Days of introspection, deep spiritual soul searching. at 80% in peace with yourself and 20% sad. This is evolution. Your evolution. Eventually you start meeting such people. You start noticing good thoughts, start moulding to them, you see divine no.s again and again 11.11., 2.22., etc. And your spiritual path starts showing itself to you. Your faith in god takes leaps of jumps. You start talking to him.He starts responding to you. You are 85% at peace with yourself.

You drink  a little wine each day and you eat bars of chocolate without guilt. You go to job. Talks to family. Socialize.Laugh.Understand 😀 and it seems magical and perfect! *No Sanyaaas*  😛

This is the perfect state of *lonesome* – sheer happiness, danceful mood, blessed life.

So my advice. Learn to be Lonely.


Love, Colour and Peace.

Blissful Life.

-The Free Spirited Soul


  1. I once heard something about there being 2 types of people; those that experienced their happiest moments in the company of others and those that experienced states of the highest joy when alone.
    I definitely belong to the second category and so can associate with what you are sharing here. Bless*

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