Kasol : Heavenly kick in Mini Israel of India

A follower of my blog knows how depressed and tormented I was feeling. I was totally jobless which made me only  think and think and think – surprisingly all in negative !

So a few weeks back things changed. It took a little trip with friends to bring me back to happiness and craziness! (read as: myself)

But since cashless was another state that I was in so this was molded into a budget trip. And mark my words ” it did not feel like one”.

So we boarded the bus to Bhuntar  from New Delhi and from Bhuntar we went to Kasol. It took us around 16 hours from ISBT in New Delhi to get there.

After dozing off for hours and getting frustrated of the long journey some peace came to us as we drove in Himachal. Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather took away all our frustration and idleness of being tied down to our uncomfortable bus seat!

Much later we entered Kasol. And it was different. A very small hill station. No honeymoon couples and people holding photograph albums. Israelis in hot pants, German bakeries, Cafes boasting of best Israeli food was all that we could see. It was all on a 2 km long road and it all seemed so out of world and pretty!

Welcome to Kasol – an Israeli village right in Himachal Pradesh of India. We got down from the bus and started looking for a hotel. We found “Sunny Guest House” up on the hill right opposite “Free Kasol Toast and Coffee Bar”. The rooms were big, neat and clean for just Rs.500 per night. Remember I told you this was meant to be a budget trip!?

After checking into Sunny Guest house, we freshened up and went for lunch @ Lil Italy. A perfect start to the trip with amazing food. Little did we know this was just the trailer. Kasol is filled with cafes and all offering amazing food.

For amazing beverages and light bites you can head to “Free Kasol Bar”. We used to go here twice a day – in morning and evening . Their hot chocolate, coffees and sandwiches everything rocked! The cafe alway played the best music and you could play your own music here too.

Kasol is filled with lots of shops – clothes, art galleries, jewelry stores and cafes. Everything in Kasol is a must check. We tried a lot of cafes – cafe Gungun, Cafe Shiv Mama, German Bakeries, Maggi and Momo point near river. It was all too good. Also if you visit Kasol you must try their signature dish – Lemonnana. It is a refreshing blend of mint leaves, lemon juice and ice. We were able to manage breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner + DAARU in  Rs. 500 per day. (I know it is shocking)

The place is pretty much the drug capital of India. You could see plants of Cannabis (Hash) growing everywhere. Infact the air of Kasol was  so different that the flies seemed to be high too. Seriously! They used to wander around and sit on us and even after we jerked ourselves they did not move. So different from flies of Delhi. 😀 Haha!

If you take a stroll along Parvati valley in Kasol you come across a lot of shops selling hippie clothing, Bob Marley tees and huge warm coats. Nothing very fancy as all seemed too worn out but that’s how people in Kasol like it I guess.

The jewellery shops had amazing collection of stones, pendants – most of them talking about 7 chakras of body, Merkaba. Quite obvious in a place where most people are in trance state !

Since there was a party going on then (Rave probably – namely FLOWER POWER)– we could hear amazing music even in our hotel’s room.  We were a little too scared to attend the party however Kasol was in a mood to “party like a rockstar.” (Yes, we did not attend the party! I know it sounds stupid LOL). 

Some 3 hours up from Kasol is Tosh. Now that’s an European area- european cafes, cafes talking of music of pink flyod and there is again so much.  However Tosh is much smaller than Kasol, so we spent a day there and then returned back to Kasol.

Both these places have a unique thing – you see everyone with a joint in their hand – smoking up and enjoying life. The police doesn’t interfere much, everyone’s satisfied in their life – no need of Armanis, Guccis or BMWs. Its all a small different world in Kasol.

On our last day we visit Manikaran Gurudwara – some 15 minutes away from Kasol. It was shocking to see such a huge gurudwara up in hills – and the footfall that day seemed to cross over 5000.

Apart from eating out in almost all cafes, enjoying by the river side, boozing like a fish each night and me checking out all stones (I am very spiritual), we enjoyed in our own way by playing dark room, dare & dare and dancing our hearts out. (No, we weren’t keen on smoking up)

This is not a place if you want something regular – but visit it for a unique experience of how Israel-iness is growing in least heard place of India – Kasol.

Want a vacation that’s musical, carefree and offering a totally new experience and changes your outlook on life. Then please read the title of this post again – that’s the answer!

– The Free Spirited Soul


PS- A lot of you post comments asking me about weather, how to travel there and one even went to the extent of asking if I would like to join that stranger. Please understand this post is just my experience, for any questions regarding travelling or planning the itinerary please contact the related agency or use Google. I am sure it would be more helpful 🙂 Thanks x

“Because sometimes the unexpected is the best”


    • HEY, sorry I don’t have the no. anymore but you can find the guesthouse opposite “Free kasol coffee and toast bar” by climbing up the little hill. or just ask anywhere for sunny guesthouse !


  1. The place is heaven. Free from the noise that you have to face in manali and the atmosphere is something which you can’t get anywhere in the country. Plus one thing that will make you feel different is when people will come to you and try to sell hash. That will make you confuse if you should be scared or you should be courageous to buy that stuff. We were a group of guys aged 20 so we didn’t had the balls to buy the stuff but if you go there then atleast 1 joint is a must to try!

    • I know the place is so serene and such a beautiful escape from materialistic worldly affairs! Yes we experienced it too. LOL. So tell me , did you try it? hehehee

  2. Nice blog! 🙂 We are planning a trip to Kasol in August. Just want to know if it’s safe for a “couple” to travel there? A friend told that they were a group of girls and they didn’t have a good experience because of some jerks bothering them. Anything similar you noticed there? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hi

      For me yes it was safe. There were so many people there, you end up befriending people, meeting new people. Ofcourse there was this particular shop where there were 2 guys, they were kind of weird and bothersome. Rest everything was great!

      I might go there soon too! You dear friend, have a great & safe trip xx

      • Hello 🙂 Thanks a lot for your reply 🙂 Being a Delhiite, I have learnt how to handle such perverts 😛 My friend was bothered though. And you find such assess at most of the places. :/

        Looking forward to the trip now 😀 Hope yours also materialises soon 🙂 Take care.

    • hey 🙂 yea, will try to visit these places too 🙂 will be there for 3 days and 3 nights. thanks! take care 🙂

  3. Hey, I have visited Kasol before in the summer months but this time i am planning to go in around Christmas. Are the hotels and bakeries open at that time of the year. Thanks

  4. we a group of 8 are planning to visit in mid jan to kasol. we will be starting our journey from delhi and staying in kasol for 2 days and 1 day in tosh. what is the weather particularly in this type of season and how will be the atmosphere of this little israel..
    do you have any contacts in kasol.

  5. hey i want to visit kasol whts the bst tme period nd places can u pls mail me some pics of the places and whts to do adtvnture there and there near areas on my id sadhrohit@gmail.com

  6. hey i want to visit kasol whts the bst tme period nd places can u pls mail me some pics of the places and whts to do adtvnture there and there near areas on my id sadhrohit@gmail.com………

  7. hey, planning to there this may. Has anybody been there recently? Heard the police are doing random checks and shutting places down early.

  8. Great info. I already have made up my mind that I will visit this place. Needed more info… ???… as we r 2 gurls travelling alone

  9. Me and my friends are planning to visit kasol ..hopefully ur experience is helpfull and enjoyful for us ..thanks

  10. Can u please let me know if we should book advance taxi service or we can get cheap in local!

  11. Very nicely written! i am planning a trip to kasol with my friends and had been searching on the net for hours to plan my vacation. Finally found something worth reading. Thanks 🙂

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