Mohan Singh Place, CP

Which brand of jeans do you wear? How much does it cost? Is fitting the reason why you are stuck around with that brand?

You better be clear with the answers because The Free Spirited Soul is going to share a very “jean-able” piece of info with you.How much are you willing to pay for a jeans – latest design, colors – anything you prefer, custom fit, perfectly tailored? Rs.1000? 😛 Well you could buy two in that amount!

No don’t laugh, don’t raise that doubtful eyebrow and don’t yawn because this isn’t useless piece of post! You know I always mean serious business (well, sometimes weird too 😛 )

Delhiites, go break that vow of living with 2 jeans for 1 year because the solution to lot of jeans/shorts at most affordable prices lies inside Mohan Singh Place in Connaught Place”.

Some of you already know it – thanks to Indian Coffee House or Hanuman Mandir in CP, some of you are wondering Mohan Uncle what?, and many of you must have heard the name from your parents – boasting about inexpensive and simple shopping options in their times.

Well, their time or our time – Mohan Singh Place – is still a place you can boast about.

It is like a complex and the place is filled with shops – where jeans can be custom made for as low as “Rs.600” (and for you they can also put “brand labels” at extra cost! NO I HAVE NEVER TRIED IT . LOL ), good coats and jackets for like Rs. 1500-2000 and lots of other winter and summer wear.

Enter the complex, stroll through the sideways figuring out a shop for you, hop in and choose the Jeans material and color and you are ready to goo!! Sometimes they even give the jeans stitched in like 2 hours.

So having times when money isn’t coming in but you have to dress to impress – Run to Mohan Singh Place and you won’t regret it ever!

PS – try out the United Coffee House in that complex. Perfect for a winter-y day and a cup of coffee !

– The Free Spirited Soul

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