Movies or Us- What’s struck more by immaturity?

I just saw a bit of “Ek Deewan tha” . A bit insense that I did not see the whole movie but stole glimpses after every 40 mins  for 2-3 minutes.

Ek Deewana Tha made me go deewana because it was just so horrible. A guy falls in love with a christian girl who is elder to him. They both date. They realize this isn’t going anywhere. The girl breaks up and leaves that place (Mumbai) forever. The guy gets into film making and makes a film based on his love life. Then both guy and girl meet again after years and they get married. 

Happy Ending!? Well a weird ending- if you ask me!! If they finally had to get married then why such a long gap. If they can fight now, then could have fought earlier also ! 😡

What is it with these Bollywood movies? With such beautiful and intelligent movies like Kahaani , 3 idiots and Chakde India already there, why do they need to pick up love as their main topic and always give it a perfect ending? ALWAYS!

I know there have been movies where the end wasn’t perfect but then so was the case with the script!

And why a typical way of the guy and girl falling into love? Either sudden  romance without friendship or fighting and falling in love!? These idiot film makers should learn something from movies like “Pyaar ka punchnama” !

The second most favorite subject in Bollywood now seems to be brainless comedy! There can be no story or a story with something as low as stolen diamonds, misconception of identities, love stories entangled in confusion or maybe just a brave idiotic guy who dances around men and women and hot ladies – in real who is poor at acting and dancing though!  No prize for guessing that I am talking about “Dabangg” .

I honestly understand that there is a whole class of people who seek entertainment and that’s why need comic movies . But excuse me!? Mistaken identities, stolen diamonds and lots of oomph! factor. Well, there was a time when we had good comedy movies like – chupke chupke, angoor etc. Atleast they had a perfect comic timing and jokes which were not based on cheap or slapstick humour!

Certain people need such movies, not all . You know why I am saying so! It is because we are being flooded by such movies – tees maar khan, rowdy rathore, dabangg, golmaal 1 , golmaal 2 , golmaal 3, Ajab prem ki gazab kahaani, I hate Luv stories . Now I really hate love stories!!

Funny part behind the scenes (if not in the movie) is that most of these useless comedies includes actors like Ranbeer Kapoor, Imran Khan, Ajay Devgn. Amazing actors in bad movies.

For people looking for entertainment I would like them to know and believe that a movie like Kahaani was a pure entertainment too. After watching it I did not feel tired or bored instead I felt freshened up because I was using my mind in the perfect way – a subtle way – thinking without over thinking! It had perfect doze of comedy with an intelligent storyline depicted in the perfect manner!  Then why can’t we have more movies like that? 😀

While some well known directors are far off from these comedies So they try to cash in on “romantic movies”.


A few favorites are – a love triangle, couples whom families don’t agree for their marriage, storyless romantic movies and the latest “modern romantic movies” wherein Guy – Girl meet , make out , don’t realize that it’s love, fall apart and then get back together  !

Nuisance! I agree that this is reality too , it’s what happens with us as well – confused relationships, falling apart, in some cases ONLY getting back together but not to such a level.   🙁

Definitely Movie making is a business and they need to cash in on things which are liked by audience.  Shockingly, audience likes brainless comedy, love triangles, girls and guys bearing the pain of separation and what not! But that is some part only. We have a larger audience who likes intelligent and fast cinema and I am sure the number shall only rise with increase in number of such movies.

I personally believe that even if the audience (us) wants to mature, movies never let us mature. What’s your take?

# Bollywood getting brainless with each passing day!

 – The Free Spirited Soul 


“Bollywood – You are plain stupid! “


  1. true it is! 😐
    I have not seen so lame movies in Hollywood even.
    There are two types of cinematic audiences. Firstly those need maturity yet insanity and secondly that need lame yet super insane movies for insensitive blood throttle.
    Most Indian film makers make for the latter.
    Reason being? The Indian mentality is relative to the kind of movies Bollywood makes ( relative to your “Too pee or not to pee” :P).
    So shocking is not the majority of movies being made, if a poll is taken, shocking would be some of the mind boggling movies being made that are like by sensible audiences.
    Rest are insanely loved by the majority.

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