Notes to myself!

A lot of times in life, I tend to repeat what shouldn’t have been repeated again , I tend to forget what I should have remembered like A B C D, I do what I promised not to do ever again and sometimes I just ditch myself at the last moment!

Seems I need to review a whole set of things I would like myself to know, a little often so that I don’t forget them! So here I go compiling little notes – to remind myself of little things that I forget!

PS – I will keep updating this every now and then!

Notes to myself :-

  1. Firstly- Dear Self, You are totally amazing! Love yourself to the fullest!
  2.  Stop trying to make efforts in relationships always – to be in touch, to help etc. Let others try too! Relationship unlike business is a 2 way process!
  3. Don’t expect people to thank you when because of you their life changed for good. Nobody likes others to take credit for positive changes in their lives!
  4. It’s alright to cry while watching an emotional movie. Everyone is sentiMENTAL.
  5. Please take life easy?! Sitting at home for a week or more doesn’t mean you are Useless, Jobless or Aimless. Of course don’t lose hopes too. It has been just a week!
  6. You should not feel guilty because you’re happy.
  7. Its ok to distance yourself from a scheming/selfish friend. Anyhow this can happen soon!
  8. “Discuss” less about people with other people – be it positive or negative!
  9. Wait would be worth the effort. Be patient!
  10. Sometimes its better not to get drunk, because then it makes your blurt out all truth.
  11. Sad moments, praise god. Happy moments, praise God. Be grateful to god always!
  12. Never EVER  stop trying.
  13. If something did not work out, its because the best is yet to come!
  14. Some friends, are really forever <3

(more to come ..)

– The Free Spirited Soul

“Ones you start loving yourself, the world starts loving you. And what is life without love?”

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