A F(o)ndue Evening in London

So what’s more beautiful in London than the greenery, mixed cultures and eccentric people? THE FOOD!

And what can be more comforting than cheese, bread and wine on a cold rainy day!? If you are a food lover you’d know I am talking about Fondue!

Fondue is a swiss dish which is a melted pot of cheese served with warm bread. You put the bread on a skewer and dip it in cheese and YUM, rest all becomes history!

So I had a lovely opportunity to visit a lovely pètit swiss bistro in Soho, London. The interiors were warm and patriotic with Swiss flags falling down from the walls! The restaurant had a pungent yet exciting cheesy aroma flowing from every side!

I ordered a bread and cheese fondue with red wine! It was amazing, however I felt the cheese had a bit too much wine in it and having it with a glass of wine on my side made everything over wine-y. LOL

But it was the most comfortable feeling with the most perfect comfort food.

After the little fondue session, I had a orange cold soufflé which was even yummier and just amazing.

So next time you pass Soho, you know that St. Moritz is the place to be!

-The Free Spirited Soul


A Fondue Evening!

A Fondue Evening!

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