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Everyone has been at crossroads in life. We seek help of friends and family to guide us but sometimes we need more. We just need some  divine message to guide us.

You can always consider getting a tarot card reading done or visiting an astrologer. However if you feel you want something free yet trustworthy then here I am posting various links which have always worked for me. It is important to get and UNDERSTAND the message right and concentrate hard on your question while clicking to get answers. I know sounds unbelievable but it worked for me. Many times!!


Lotus Tarot Card Reading – (click on this link <–) This website is amazing and provides a genuinely good reading . You needn’t even register to get the reading done. However it is important to close your eyes and concentrate on each question before choosing  a card. The website also explains the meaning of each card pretty well.

You can also choose different questions and the answers do come as what it is.

A single card holds 2-3 meanings so you must also interpret the cards well. Else you can lookup more for meanings of the cards using google.



Angel Card Reading – Rev. Sheri – (click on this link <–) Angel cards carry message from your angels and help you in guiding towards your life purpose. Mostly angel cards carry a one or two liner message which is many a times easy to understand however you can lookup more for the card on this website itself. Through this website I have received answers for most important things in life.

You can use “Ask Sheri”  feature of website to ask about the meaning of certain cards in your reading, but I am not sure if she would reply timely.


There are lot of websites for astrology and I do know quite a few that work, but they do not really provide questions related to decision making. Still I am providing a link to a website here which would let you get answers astrologically.


Certus – This site offers a lot of free reports though its has a very confusing website layout. However as I checked the career options the answers did came out as the fields which have been profitable for me earlier. You must surely give it a try.

I know it is difficult to believe that how can online readings and reports be so accurate and helpful, but just go ahead with this one. Because it is damn true.

The Free Spirited Soul

“We aren’t humans experiencing spirituality, we are spirituals experiencing being human”


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