A F(o)ndue Evening in London

So what’s more beautiful in London than the greenery, mixed cultures and eccentric people? THE FOOD!

And what can be more comforting than cheese, bread and wine on a cold rainy day!? If you are a food lover you’d know I am talking about Fondue!

Fondue is a swiss dish which is a melted pot of cheese served with warm bread. You put the bread on a skewer and dip it in cheese and YUM, rest all becomes history!

So I had a lovely opportunity to visit a lovely pètit swiss bistro in Soho, London. The interiors were warm and patriotic with Swiss flags falling down from the walls! The restaurant had a pungent yet exciting cheesy aroma flowing from every side!

I ordered a bread and cheese fondue with red wine! It was amazing, however I felt the cheese had a bit too much wine in it and having it with a glass of wine on my side made everything over wine-y. LOL

But it was the most comfortable feeling with the most perfect comfort food.

After the little fondue session, I had a orange cold soufflé which was even yummier and just amazing.

So next time you pass Soho, you know that St. Moritz is the place to be!

-The Free Spirited Soul


A Fondue Evening!

A Fondue Evening!

Tiny Tale

Inspired from the facebook page terrible tiny tale, I thought of constructing one

Today is Holi, spring festival of colours in India and I thought to myself, that there’s no topic better than “colours”.

So here goes my tale:

“Happiness. Love. Independence. Family.

Whoever said blind people cannot see

never understood some colours of life are to be felt.”

– The Free Spirited Soul

Be united by different beliefs.

There are atheists. Then there are theists. There are people who believe in astrology/readings for future. Then there are people who firmly believe in creating their own destiny.

There are people who carry a set of beliefs but are open to beliefs of other people, even if they don’t start believing in them. THEN there are people who will force their views on you, because their number 1 belief is that their point is the right point. This is where they are wrong. This is where anyone can be wrong.

It is normal (and if you see through my eyes- beautiful) that everyone carries different views, beliefs and thought process. We are an amazing bunch of messed up people. Amazing because everyone is different, serving a purpose to their life. Messed up because we never accept differences in others!

Certain people are blinded by their confidence and their faith in their perception, that they can’t see you being open to a different view. I believe this is wrong. Isn’t it amazing that there are such contrasting views amongst people? One says everything is pure science and Gods were aliens (reference from TV show Ancient Aliens) and the other says that everything is power of love & faith and we are all Buddhas. While one loves listening to “Chikni Chameli” the other can’t listen to anything but “Pink Floyd”.

We could be divided by so many views/perceptions at so many levels.However we can be united by just one thought, one action- Acceptance.

Why can’t we start viewing the beauty in different opinions and accept it as their point, until and unless you by choice want to accept their perception as yours. I am not stating that don’t indulge in healthy debates or discussions, but don’t force your viewpoint on someone else.

There’s beauty in everything, as long as you keep an open mind. This little tip I gave you in this post would surely help you in staying connected with a lot more people because you’ll start accepting them as they are! Different yet amazing!

-The Free Spirited Soul


Cracks that charm!

Have you ever walked into a room and seen walls which are now faded, have black grey cracks.

Sometimes when you’re living in such a place for 4-5 days, when each day is about enjoying british nights and bright days then these cracked walls take me back to the old world !

Those little childhood memories, people I have met as a child , old best friends, walled city Old Delhi, and cute childhood games <3 I start reliving them all!!

Is it just me? Or really are those cracked walls are carrying stories of so many families and their lineages. Stories of so many people.

“Even walls have ears” – My granny used to say this all the time, and it’s now that I understand. Sometimes you walk into a room with magnificent  touch of old cracked walls, and after sometime you start wondering what kind of people lived here earlier. LOL. Don’t think I am insane. It’s just amazing because I have never found a cracked wall so beautiful.

My Muse : The wall that cracked!

-The Free Spirited Soul

Same path seems different!

Yesterday I was walking from my University to my accommodation and then I felt as if the route had new things. A sign that I had never seen. A wall that seemed so brick-red beautiful and the colour of the Church’s building so marvellous.

But this all seemed new! Now I am not sure if that’s possible because I had been away for only two weeks and these changes weren’t really possible in 2 weeks.

Then it dawned upon me,are these actually changes or is it me?

Surely they were  all in my head. When you start taking life more peacefully with acceptance then as someone said:path’s change. And for me they changed literally. (always overdramatic) Accepted Uni life. Accepted bad people. Accepted others.Ditched judgement.

Just Happy me.

Maybe I am in a phase of healing myself. 😀

Content and at peace.

SO try my formula. Wake up one day and say loud “I am amazing in everyway and today is best thing to me”. Yeh to free spirited soul JI kaafi filmi ho gaya!!.. App kaafi dramatic hai.

Now I am not being dramatic. But the bottomline is Be positive each morning and wakeup with a smile. And see how things change. Every Second.

-The Free Spirited Soul

Joys of lonesome

If you learn to be lonely, you’ll always love yourself!

Some days turn into months.. and loneliness takes over. Initially you resist it, thus leaving you moody. Then you eventually adopt it and mould into it. Then you accept and finally love it.

This is the best phase of your life. Days of introspection, deep spiritual soul searching. at 80% in peace with yourself and 20% sad. This is evolution. Your evolution. Eventually you start meeting such people. You start noticing good thoughts, start moulding to them, you see divine no.s again and again 11.11., 2.22., etc. And your spiritual path starts showing itself to you. Your faith in god takes leaps of jumps. You start talking to him.He starts responding to you. You are 85% at peace with yourself.

You drink  a little wine each day and you eat bars of chocolate without guilt. You go to job. Talks to family. Socialize.Laugh.Understand 😀 and it seems magical and perfect! *No Sanyaaas*  😛

This is the perfect state of *lonesome* – sheer happiness, danceful mood, blessed life.

So my advice. Learn to be Lonely.


Love, Colour and Peace.

Blissful Life.

-The Free Spirited Soul

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument :P

Ever sad and frustrated because you know you’re right!?

well. maybe you are.

You go and scream your point? Wrong way.

Go out and silently offfer the other person a glass of water. cool him down. ok. and silently say your point.


Your Point will be taken and noted.

Thank me later!

#small things we all forget



Blessed and placed.

It’s funny how I lose hope a little too soon and end up getting super stressed. (Now that is perfectly me!) And it’s even funnier that I always end up feeling stupid about it. (only much later)   😉

I was so sad because I couldn’t find a job and then miraculously I had 3 offers for jobs, and the roles suited me perfectly. I am now placed and life couldn’t have been better.  And I couldn’t have been happier.

I love my job. I feel after ages I am finally able to do something really productive with my mind. It feels right. So all this is only signaling that Marketing is exactly what I am born to do.

It’s been just 2 weeks that I have been there, but I feel I have already learned so much. The proper implementations of plans, putting plans into action and not diverting away to off-topics while discussing plans.(I work with another female, so we can’t really help! Such *girls* we are. 😆 ) 😀 And in this little time I already feel that I am able to find myself again. (C’mon, I told you how few months in England till now haven’t been really nice   🙁   ) I feel creative again! And slightly confident too. No wonder I am here, scribbling confession of my stupid brain, for it keeps stressing!   😯   (I think I bumped my head when I was a kid, mental problems you see)     😆

So point is I am now never going to lose hope again and definitely wouldn’t turn into a stressed soul (I swear the amount of hair I have lost, I can even feel my bald patches 😕 ) ! And I will always keep my faith in my God strong, for I know without him this wouldn’t have been possible. 😉

So currently I am ecstatic, satisfied and feeling blessed, and surely not stressing out, err I guess so! 😀 😉

PS- I am stressed I am stressed. Got so much packing to do. Got to leave some luggage in England (I have plans for further education). Need to find a place to stay for 2 weeks. What to do!!!?? *A hair strand falls on my laptop* NOOOOOOOOOO!!   😡     😕

-*Always stressing out* The Free Spirited Soul


“This reminds me – I need to lose weight.” Grrr


The Vicious Circle

I am now a graduate, full of optimism and enthusiasm to step out into the World and create a name for myself.

But anything that comes easy isn’t valued rightly. And I guess this is exactly what life is trying to teach me? Or perhaps I have nothing better to do than find reasons? #LoL

I have applied to a lot of companies but I am being turned down due to lack of experience.

Now one thing I would like to point out. If I don’t get a job, how will I get the experience, because when I don’t have experience -I don’t get a job!

This frustrating moment of life. I hope to get a good internship/Job soon!


-The Free Spirited Unemployed Soul