I am late but I am glad I made it!

Hello peeps.

Just incase you’ve been wondering where miss writer is lost, well I actually was lost! You know I came to England for my studies and life has been weird since then, or I perceived it to be.

I had been an emotional wreck! Missed family and friends way too much. The weather here made me feel depressed (sick rains, tough winds and Coo-err-old. Yes I am shivering even in my room. I was Lazy half of the time. I did not even feel attending classes, talk about studying!

So I realized this sickly cold-always-weather isn’t for me, for I am a happy girl and I ain’t got no time to be sad! 😀

Last month I took a short trip to India, met all my friends and family, did things that I used to do back home, lived the charm of my City again and then I had to come back 🙁 .

But I am happier. I am at peace. I am again “me”.

I just realized that in these 7 months I have lost a lot. Or to be honest let a lot lose me!

I have been lonely a lot of times.

I have cried for no reason.

I have been mostly partying  (which honestly doesn’t make me happy truly).

I have been around people that weren’t really right for me.

And worst I let all this affect me .

I stopped blogging, I lost enthusiasm into doing some nice job in this new place, I never felt like studying (though I love my course) But I was still a wanderer – but no more on roads, only of thoughts!

Wondering what made me come back? REALIZATION .

Today I was putting together my Employability Portfolio and my professor really appreciated my skills. And then I realized that he was appreciating the old me, the better me – the person who had a zeal to try out new things, ambitious me, who was independent and above all free spirited!

I had to get myself back and I know it was easy! All I had to do was STOP BLAMING the weather of England and GROW UP.

What could be better than going back to my old space, I thought to myself. So here I am – back to where I belong  – My Blog! <3 😀

And today I promise myself no matter what never to lose myself again. Life is tough sometimes but not everyday you can have the sunshine [England taught me that, literally! 😀 ]

So grab your sunglasses, even if it’s raining cuz honey sometimes “It’s not about what it is, It’s about how you see it.”

Whatever happens, happens for good. And believe me even this low phase of life taught me amazing stuff, and best part I am ME again ! 🙂

So I am back with a Bang! Not sure how many of you actually read my posts, but imma be posting ! Because that’s what keeps me happy 🙂

PS -I have got deadlines. Assignment deadlines. I really shouldn’t be blogging here?! lol

– The Free Spirited Soul

"You can't have the sunshine without the rain"

“You can’t have the sunshine without the rain”

Mohan Singh Place, CP

Which brand of jeans do you wear? How much does it cost? Is fitting the reason why you are stuck around with that brand?

You better be clear with the answers because The Free Spirited Soul is going to share a very “jean-able” piece of info with you.How much are you willing to pay for a jeans – latest design, colors – anything you prefer, custom fit, perfectly tailored? Rs.1000? 😛 Well you could buy two in that amount!

No don’t laugh, don’t raise that doubtful eyebrow and don’t yawn because this isn’t useless piece of post! You know I always mean serious business (well, sometimes weird too 😛 )

Delhiites, go break that vow of living with 2 jeans for 1 year because the solution to lot of jeans/shorts at most affordable prices lies inside Mohan Singh Place in Connaught Place”.

Some of you already know it – thanks to Indian Coffee House or Hanuman Mandir in CP, some of you are wondering Mohan Uncle what?, and many of you must have heard the name from your parents – boasting about inexpensive and simple shopping options in their times.

Well, their time or our time – Mohan Singh Place – is still a place you can boast about.

It is like a complex and the place is filled with shops – where jeans can be custom made for as low as “Rs.600” (and for you they can also put “brand labels” at extra cost! NO I HAVE NEVER TRIED IT . LOL ), good coats and jackets for like Rs. 1500-2000 and lots of other winter and summer wear.

Enter the complex, stroll through the sideways figuring out a shop for you, hop in and choose the Jeans material and color and you are ready to goo!! Sometimes they even give the jeans stitched in like 2 hours.

So having times when money isn’t coming in but you have to dress to impress – Run to Mohan Singh Place and you won’t regret it ever!

PS – try out the United Coffee House in that complex. Perfect for a winter-y day and a cup of coffee !

– The Free Spirited Soul

Religions don’t exist, Devil Does!

Fishy title eh?

Before writing this post let me be very clear that I am an omnist. I don’t care if you do namaz, go to temple or cross your hands when you see a church – Your religion is being respected by me.

But what is it with certain religions like Christianity? Why do they have this need to change people? Please don’t start off with any misjudgments because I am only writing what I have experienced. Right here Right now, in England each time I walk out my place to market I see these men coming up to me “Do you believe in god? Do you believe in Christianity? “Would you like a free Bible?”. I do not mind taking a Bible but doesn’t it say the same as the Bhagwad Gita? Even if it doesn’t, is not the underlying message the same – Have faith in yourself, in god , be a good person, do harm to none? 

Then why do I need to be a Christian for this- why do I have these people around me telling me to visit Church and believe in Christianity! For their knowledge I already do believe in it like I believe in Hinduism, Islam or any other.

What is a religion? Just some devils coming together and exploiting the use of a holy book- Yes that is what it is!! More of a political movement where anyone who doesn’t follow the believe is disregarded!!

Sorry if I sound rude or perhaps inconsiderate(which I promised myself to be before starting this blog) BUT some things are just intolerable. Just few minutes back I had a guy coming up to me and saying I could ring up on a no. and get a free toastie. I took the flyer and there it said “By Christian Society”. No I don’t misjudge their deeds but why such over hype regarding Christianity. Is that what a religion should be ? Its been just 2 weeks and already they have had events offering free food, where they talk about Christianity IN PARTICULAR.

I don’t mind, they can speak and do whatever they want- what is extremely frustrating for me is BEING approached for a session at Church so as to increase faith in Christianity . I don’t need faith! I have faith in God. God is one – not Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or whatever!

I practice Buddhism and its amazing when I see how my fellow practitioners do not ever tell me to invite more people. It isn’t even a religion actually , its just a practice of chanting Daimoku and just having faith in the higher power up there. It says the some things that other religions/practices teach – Be good, Have Faith, God exists, Do harm to none –then why should I be shifting to Christianity from my current set of beliefs? Christianity teaches the same, doesn’t it?

I am not Ranting about “Christianity”, I am ranting at the idea of changing religion of people – BY BEING PERSUASIVE!! Because God is one, so are the believes and teachings and believe me you- different religion makes no difference. We have so many foreigners as “Bhramakumaris” in India and not NUNS. Does it matter?

The point isn’t comparison of religions or discussing the brighter sides of religions THE POINT IS – me wanting to stop certain people persuading other people to convert!

There is no need to convert . God is one – its famous. So are his teachings.

So next time you see people fighting over religions – on youtube comments pages, in real life or anywhere all you need to do is – tell them to STFU, because god and his teachings are same in every religion.

Also please don’t ever force anyone to change their beliefs or religion . You do not have that right – only they do.

YOUR AIM SHOULDN’T BEING RELIGIOUS – by telling people to convert or pulling down other religions, but if you really believe in god and want to connect to him- YOU SHOULD BE SPIRITUAL !

BTW – Since I believe in all religions , SO as an ode to the Christian Society I ordered the free toastie 😛 . I have also visited a Church here and planning to visit the temple soon . Peace !

– The Free Spirited Soul

“Moon and Star, or the OM, its not what you follow but its about what you believe in. If you believe in god, then religious is not what you should aim to be- you should be SPIRITUAL !”

United we stand – The Dissatisfied ..

We fight over religion , over views , over positives and over negatives. The world sometimes just needs to a reason to war. But there are a lot of thing in which we are united.

So one of them is – Dissatisfaction . None is satisfied with what they have – and here I talk about not just materialistic needs but our ethnic origins.

Here in UK I went to see a doctor because I had not been feeling well and I asked her to prescribe me a skin lightening cream to remove tan (Because pharmacies in here do not give antibiotics without prescriptions) & she looked at me and said there is nothing like this here.

She started into my face . I stared into hers. “Why, I used to use one back in India, its just the pharmacist wouldn’t give me one here without prescription”.

“What is it with you, you are so beautiful, you don’t need skin lightening cream . Look at us britishers – we are dying to get tanned to look beautiful and you dusky beauties want to get fairer? You’re beautiful!!”

I just realized something in there we are all so united when it comes to being dissatisfied and being unhappy . Skin color unacceptability is so far I have seen the most common thing amongst everyone. It exists everywhere- each society – each culture.

Only a few people with full confidence and the readiness to accept themselves as they are – WIN.

I wonder why we don’t ever like what we have?

I want to get fair (or atleast de-tan myself) and out here every 4th shop is salon for tanning .


-The Free Spirited Soul

A new life..

So this is me, sitting right here at my desk in my flat in UK and scribbling down this blog.

It has been a week since I have been here and honestly this new place new fun idea isn’t exciting anymore. I have got my hand burnt, living alone in a flat with 6 rooms empty, cooking – eating – washing utensils and of course trying to keep a tab on budget.

Apart from this the exciting part till now has been nothing – not been able to explore city much, clubbing has been boring and I have a bad throat!!

I am just waiting for my college to start, for my flat mates to arrive (who better be good btw) and my throat to get fine. Is it asking for too much!? 😐

Apart from all this I am planning to start a section on this blog “living away from family”  . Let me know if its good idea in the comments?


Bye for now .


-The Free Spirited Soul 

At the airport

So here is the moment , here sitting at the airport not knowing what to expect in the coming days. Honestly I am not sad or excited but just numb. Away from friends, home, family – seems a little tough but hopefully some good friends and exposure worth going for.


Falling short of words but still feeling not expressing enough.

I guess I would just live by the moment .


-The Free Spirited Soul

People around you are always more sad, unlucky or fun than you!

Sorry readers, I have been too lazy to check and update my blog. I have also partially been busy with packing and visa work! But here I am again with a post that you all can very well relate too (I am sure).

A post that talks about some of the jerks/mindless asses around us!

Today I am going to speak my mind regarding one of the few things that really irk me about people.


No, I am not talking about buying more number of dresses than what I own, scoring better marks or being much nicer in front of my crush. That’s all passé – or maybe just that it doesn’t bother me anymore because I am habitual of it by now. (Ofcourse, you must be too )

But what I am talking about is when people compete with you on most petty and even sad things.

Like other day I was speaking to a friend of mine telling her that ” I am feeling sad – maybe because I’m leaving for UK. I don’t know how to cope up ” . Pause of 2 seconds. “Oh, even I am very sad, because in college – blah blah blah, atleast you would have a new place but with me – blah blah blah. I am so sad I am so sad” …

Peee..Peee, I hung up because I couldn’t take it -but that’s never how I react when someone else is speaking of their problems. (I am a patient listener otherwise 🙂 )

Don’t worry I told her it was a network error- LATER. 

Similarly so many times when I say “I had fun on a trip” I have this whole little group of idiots around me who would go on bragging and declaring that the fun they had is unbeatable and some even say that you must’nt have had that much of fun I am sure. LIKE WHAT THE FU**?

Not just this, you tell them that how spirits, ghosts and horror movies or even lizards scares creeps out of you and you have green signalled that nasty little person to go on and on about how she had one experience of it, or how her friends scared her and how she got afraid so bad that she fainted, cried, screamed and what not.

You tell someone you din’t eat anything since last night and they tell you they are starving since a week (Okay, they mostly say 2-3 days, still unbelievable 😡  ). You tell someone that you wake up late – around 1-ish which angers my mom, they without understanding that here you are talking about your mom’s attitude, go on to declare “I wake up at 3pm daily! Omg I sleep too much OMG OMG”.

Not only this , but some jerks have even started competing in drinking & smoking as well (my fav.)– which makes me pull my hair fuming in anger. You tell them that I had two shots of vodka – no more. Again they wouldn’t hear the NO MORE part but would definitely start off “Yaar tu 2 shots ki baat kar rahi hai? :O I am  already 5 down and now I am having second peg of whisky. Mixing of drinks yaar, Still see I am standing straight!” 😀 😡

So yes we have to accept some of these people always have more fun than us – which they never tell us till the time we don’t share our joyous moments, they are always much more sad and depressed than us, they are more scared of insects, lizards, ghosts and practically everything – until and unless you meet someone who wants to boast off that they ain’t scared of anything – such people are different type of jerks!

And finally we also have to accept that some or practically most people are idiots who are just there to compete with you in everything.

Well I don’t want to accept, but smash their face HARD. Assholes! 

Surely, I will tell some jerk next time that I poop around 1 kg everyday- deep yellow.  😛 I can only imagine myself listening to that idiot competing with me by saying “I easily poop around 2.5 kgs per day – and its not even yellow – its brown and black!”

Atleast that would unveil the “mystery-farter” in the group! HAHA 😛


– The Free Spirited Soul

“We would have so many participants for such idiotic competitions – only if they take place”

Fat Ass? Blame it on the company you keep!

Tears in eyes and pain in heart – it all started when my favourite jeans did not fit me anymore! I had 1 small tub of ice-cream in depression, Oh my favourite jeans! ! 🙁 .

This is no non-sense crap.

For a girl, jean’s getting tight is an issue equivalent to earthquake- which can make her go mad and sad at same time. Getting into my little CSI mode I started my huge investigation(as huge as my tummy now, 😆 ) – as to how and when did this happen. After 5 seconds I concluded – OVEREATING 😀 . (Quick no? 😛 ). 

But the question remained how and when did I develop this habit? I have always been a light eater and never indulged in over eating so often. Going a little back and a little more back into my life I realized I started over eating during my Coaching Classes for NIFT. I used to attend coaching with a friend of mine who was a serious hogger. “Nom, NOM, NoM – he would sound while eating – or frankly always”. So we used to go to McDonalds, CCD , bakeries and all places where we could eat TOGETHER. There were times (a lot infact) when even after I refused to eat, because I wasn’t hungry, I had to eat because my friend didn’t like eating alone . 😐 (Fun days though – cheese sandwiches, unreal real juices, pastries, chocolates – Food is divine! 😀 )

Soon the coaching classes got over and meetings with that friend were rare now. But one habit stayed with me like a faithful friend – HOGGING. Now hungry or not, anything pleasing my taste buds used to be on my taste buds!!  (Like a Boss!) 

Soon College started and I had access to Canteen like everyone has access to air – Anytime. Unlike school, where canteen would be open only for half an hour , we would bunk classes and sit in canteen. And EAT! This could hav ended here but no, because what’s life without surprises? While returning home, I used to  daily share a cab with a friend . A friend who always used to have momos and pakodas(moong-dal ones) on way back home, after confirming with her mom that the lunch prepared by her is to her disliking! 😛  Smart yet fat ass she was!

I avoided such indulgences for the first few days but then couldn’t resist. Then again I stopped over eating. But soon I started indulging in food many many times a day again!

Normal Eating, Overeating, Dieting, Normal Eating, Overeating, Dieting, Normal Eating and Overeating – this is how a slim and fit girl turned into a hogger.

Alright Readers, I am off to have some strawberry cupcakes – cuz I am still sad for my jeans 🙁 ! 

BTW  for the tiny paunch I am carrying around, No don’t blame the food (- THAT’S INSENSITIVE 😡 )  – its the friends. My friends! 🙁 😀

-The Free Spirited Soul

“That someone is mostly my friends!” 😛


Life is a learning and friendship is an important lesson in life – making it a fun-filled yet bumpy ride.

Today morning when I woke up, I received a message from an old friend with whom things took an ugly turn. She wanted to reconcile after 8 months now.

I tried 2-3 times earlier for keeping the friendship alive but she din’t reciprocate in the same way and so I thought it’s best to just let it go. Now after receiving her  SMS I gave her a piece of my mind – that I don’t want to reconcile AND our friendship cannot take turns according to her mood and wishes. She had a difficult time accepting it and so started with her famous -a little blame game – that I could have tried (lol)

BUT frankly I don’t care anymore about it because all I sensed was that as always this time too its difficult for her to accept that she could be wrong too.  😆 

But this SMS took me down the memory lane – that of with my other friends. How after my school got over things weren’t as good with them but acting like mature people we sorted a lot of things out and never looked back. I have had some of my best moments with them and due to the little rough patch in our friendship we have evolved into such a relationship that – backbiting, pulling someone down or ignoring someone for the sake of feeling superior seems extremely childlike – and we would feel idiot immature kid-like, indulging into anything like this. They are friends who would stay with me – even if we did not speak for a month. Because our friendship isn’t just based on communication or hangouts – but a mutual understanding of each other’s needs and emotions.

There have been times when I have met people in my life – whom I quickly became friends with – just because it seemed that life wanted to teach me something -like being more acceptable to people with whom even the compatibility word doesn’t exist! Sometimes there would be extremely close friends of yours with whom you can’t share anything emotional – because they don’t know how to react on it yet they would go to any extent to help you in other matters!!

One cannot clap WITHOUT  both hands and timing is important in clapping – both hands coming together at same time. Similarly any relationship cannot evolve with only one person trying. The other person must reciprocate then instead of trying much later. This never helps!

I don’t know if my decision of not staying friends with that “sms girl”  is correct or not but I believe there’s no point in talking over things that don’t matter anymore. (And I did try for saving our friendship too – much more than she had)

Right or Wrong doesn’t matter, because this time – I took a decision which would keep me happy. 🙂  I decided to let it go forever because sticking to it felt like a burden !

-The Free Spirited Soul

“<3 “

Haunted by M.A.T.H.S !

Last night I was listening to some good bands on Youtube, and liking some of their music too much I decided to download it. Googling the song’s download links I was directed to Beemp3.com. There as I was about to verify that I am no spammer I was left horrorstruck.

No, they din’t think I am a spammer before verification. No my computer wasn’t hacked.

Actually to verify I had to solve a maths problem.  The little box said 9+7= ? . No I am not dumb and I quickly solved it after a 10 second gaze at it.  😛 But while putting in the answer I was reminded of my childhood – young days where the definition of fear wasn’t of insecurities, being ditched or hurt  BUT INSTEAD Maths.

I remember running away from my mother whenever I noticed her with my maths book in her hand. Each time I came back from my Maths exam I used to act very sleepy and avoided going to mom’s bedroom for I feared she would ask me the answers.

Maths has always been a nightmare to me . NO I never flunked in it. I never scored below 50% also. It’s just there’s something very unacceptable about that subject 😆 .  Infact I am so scared of Maths that while dealing with money  in big amounts I prefer keeping the calculator app in my phone already open – there is addition, subtraction and sometimes division also!!

I sound like a freaked-out-hater-of- MATHS.  😆

Maths has haunted many people and it still continues to do so! 😡  I remember my teacher in college confessing that how maths still gives her shivers. And then the whole class giggled and said it to be “so true” in unison. They all shared their little fears of Maths and how they grew massive when Maths exam was next day. *giggles*

The moment I was given the option of running away from Maths in High school, I took the opportunity and never looked back. It was the best moment of my life and  decision I still never regret!!

Obviously Maths is helpful in little calculations but imagine Trigonometry, searching what “X” is, finding out probabilities. Like seriously, WTF?!

I just wish Beemp3.com could understand the little fears that might surface again in millions of its users – because they need to verify themselves as real by using MATHS!!? 😀

PS :- Considering this weird? Why not go check some blog about Science and Mathematical discoveries? 

– The Free Spirited Soul


“This is also less scary than MATHS”