Piku Movie Review: A Hypocritical Tale

Movies are meant for entertainment and in many instances for education and awareness.

The onset of “feminist” wave in India is churning out more feminazis than actual feminists. And of course marketing agencies, celebrities and PR firms are all ready to cash in on this new trend. But is it right? It is surely confusing our tweens and young generation, where they should be taught more about the responsibility of choices, good & bad and most importantly- logic!

Yes feminism is needed in India, but do enough people understand rightly what feminism really is? It means EQUALITY for both men and women and not women being superior over men.

So to understand how feminism fits in a post about movie Piku, look at this little scenario:

Miss Deepika’s PR team: Let’s do something. We have to get you in the news. And enough of Sids and Ranbirs. It has to be something more engaging and connecting. Something that makes your movie Piku an instant hit. It has to start now and continue till Piku!

Team member 1: How about she taking a stand towards regressive state of women in India?

Team member 2: She is a movie star, it would obviously create huge impact. And she can do it with her celebrity panache!

Ideas..Ideas..Brainstorming sessions AND BOOM!  She talks about depression [because we did not know that celebs can be depressed too or that so many of them commit suicide because of the same], then she stars in “My Choice” video with other women from glamour industry- where she only talks about choices and NOTHING about the burden or responsibility of the choices. And honestly, if you were to ask sane people like me, half of her choices aren’t good (I refrained from using the word right). Although she was appreciated for sharing her dark story of depression, the “my choice” video was highly criticised by men, women and industry people!  It did do a certain damage to her image; maybe that’s why she later spoke in an interview that she did not agree with some parts of “My Choice” video – but still agreed to go ahead with it and let her represent the message that she did not fully agree with. BRAVO!

Deepika: But who cares! I have got movies in my kitty and still a fabulous lifestyle. You know I got paid for the video right?Du-uh!


So now that you are versed with the probable back story, let’s get to Piku. She is single, a working woman who takes care of her father –NOT by choice but by force. Her father is a selfish stubborn maniac with issues in his head that should have been sorted years ago- but did not for reasons unknown. And she, as evident in the movie, doesn’t like him being himself and dependent on her. She dislikes how he tells her prospect suitors about her broken hymen, hates his guts of getting things done his way- and honestly she seems quite tired of his drama.

But no! Did the movie just show a father knowing and being comfortable with his daughter’s sexual life? Woops! It has got to be in the news and now Deepika’s is the real feminist queen! Because you see we Indians (at a mass), are just new into the whole concept of feminism, so anything that talks of broken hymens is going to be spoken about in glory. And it need not make sense.

Further, her father tells Piku that marriage is for mindless people. “Why take care of your husband, cook and clean for him, instead do it for your parents. Anyway guys get married because he wants a maid.” I see there isn’t enough choice given to Deepika here as well. Also thanks to the movie for making me,  a girl in her mid twenties – who knows many open minded Indian guys, realise that my husband would want me for cooking & cleaning; and ofcourse by marrying I’ll become a mindless girl. And if I don’t get married then again, I’d have to cook and clean for my parents. So in short, a girl would anyway have to cook and clean! And if you want to show her independent, then there has to be someone dependent on her, else what’s the use- and she’d still be the one to cook and clean! [Hypocrisy Alert 1]

Also he has the audacity to state this, even after his own wife quit her job to take care of him. He did not like it, but apparently he never did anything to turn things around. And erm.. take care of him? Just so you know he is NOT sick. All he has is constipation and normal body weakness due to old age –nothing else. And I think it’s normal to assume that he wouldn’t be that weak during his youth, so why did Mrs. Banerjee quit her job for a husband who doesn’t like typical homely women- we’d never know! [Hypocrisy Alert 2]

Ms. Piku is shown to be highly irritated and frustrated with her life and her dad throughout the movie, and it is only after he dies (oops, spoiler alert), she learns that parents should not be judged. Yeah because her dad’s no more and life’s going to be so much more easier, might as well win some brownie points out of it. [Hypocrisy Alert 3]

Feminism is equality for men and women, not downgrading men but Piku says why be just a domestic help to a man after marriage, women should make their own identity. So basically all men marry just to get a domestic help in form of wife – and this movie is being declared as “New Age Feminist” movie. Lie much? [Hypocrisy Alert 4]

Now the question- why did such a hypocritical movie make so much news and has great IMDB ratings- you tell me? Because all the people I know of did not like the movie. Some went on to say that “Dude, It isn’t even a movie.” And I cannot agree more.

I loved Amitabh & Irfaan’s acting in the movie though, but the movie is plain shit.

So award for the Most Hypocritical Bollywood Movie goes to PIKU!

PS- Just so you know, I quite like Deepika Padukone, but to me what’s fake is fake.

-The Free Spirited Soul


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