Religions don’t exist, Devil Does!

Fishy title eh?

Before writing this post let me be very clear that I am an omnist. I don’t care if you do namaz, go to temple or cross your hands when you see a church – Your religion is being respected by me.

But what is it with certain religions like Christianity? Why do they have this need to change people? Please don’t start off with any misjudgments because I am only writing what I have experienced. Right here Right now, in England each time I walk out my place to market I see these men coming up to me “Do you believe in god? Do you believe in Christianity? “Would you like a free Bible?”. I do not mind taking a Bible but doesn’t it say the same as the Bhagwad Gita? Even if it doesn’t, is not the underlying message the same – Have faith in yourself, in god , be a good person, do harm to none? 

Then why do I need to be a Christian for this- why do I have these people around me telling me to visit Church and believe in Christianity! For their knowledge I already do believe in it like I believe in Hinduism, Islam or any other.

What is a religion? Just some devils coming together and exploiting the use of a holy book- Yes that is what it is!! More of a political movement where anyone who doesn’t follow the believe is disregarded!!

Sorry if I sound rude or perhaps inconsiderate(which I promised myself to be before starting this blog) BUT some things are just intolerable. Just few minutes back I had a guy coming up to me and saying I could ring up on a no. and get a free toastie. I took the flyer and there it said “By Christian Society”. No I don’t misjudge their deeds but why such over hype regarding Christianity. Is that what a religion should be ? Its been just 2 weeks and already they have had events offering free food, where they talk about Christianity IN PARTICULAR.

I don’t mind, they can speak and do whatever they want- what is extremely frustrating for me is BEING approached for a session at Church so as to increase faith in Christianity . I don’t need faith! I have faith in God. God is one – not Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or whatever!

I practice Buddhism and its amazing when I see how my fellow practitioners do not ever tell me to invite more people. It isn’t even a religion actually , its just a practice of chanting Daimoku and just having faith in the higher power up there. It says the some things that other religions/practices teach – Be good, Have Faith, God exists, Do harm to none –then why should I be shifting to Christianity from my current set of beliefs? Christianity teaches the same, doesn’t it?

I am not Ranting about “Christianity”, I am ranting at the idea of changing religion of people – BY BEING PERSUASIVE!! Because God is one, so are the believes and teachings and believe me you- different religion makes no difference. We have so many foreigners as “Bhramakumaris” in India and not NUNS. Does it matter?

The point isn’t comparison of religions or discussing the brighter sides of religions THE POINT IS – me wanting to stop certain people persuading other people to convert!

There is no need to convert . God is one – its famous. So are his teachings.

So next time you see people fighting over religions – on youtube comments pages, in real life or anywhere all you need to do is – tell them to STFU, because god and his teachings are same in every religion.

Also please don’t ever force anyone to change their beliefs or religion . You do not have that right – only they do.

YOUR AIM SHOULDN’T BEING RELIGIOUS – by telling people to convert or pulling down other religions, but if you really believe in god and want to connect to him- YOU SHOULD BE SPIRITUAL !

BTW – Since I believe in all religions , SO as an ode to the Christian Society I ordered the free toastie 😛 . I have also visited a Church here and planning to visit the temple soon . Peace !

– The Free Spirited Soul

“Moon and Star, or the OM, its not what you follow but its about what you believe in. If you believe in god, then religious is not what you should aim to be- you should be SPIRITUAL !”

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