Same path seems different!

Yesterday I was walking from my University to my accommodation and then I felt as if the route had new things. A sign that I had never seen. A wall that seemed so brick-red beautiful and the colour of the Church’s building so marvellous.

But this all seemed new! Now I am not sure if that’s possible because I had been away for only two weeks and these changes weren’t really possible in 2 weeks.

Then it dawned upon me,are these actually changes or is it me?

Surely they were  all in my head. When you start taking life more peacefully with acceptance then as someone said:path’s change. And for me they changed literally. (always overdramatic) Accepted Uni life. Accepted bad people. Accepted others.Ditched judgement.

Just Happy me.

Maybe I am in a phase of healing myself. 😀

Content and at peace.

SO try my formula. Wake up one day and say loud “I am amazing in everyway and today is best thing to me”. Yeh to free spirited soul JI kaafi filmi ho gaya!!.. App kaafi dramatic hai.

Now I am not being dramatic. But the bottomline is Be positive each morning and wakeup with a smile. And see how things change. Every Second.

-The Free Spirited Soul

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