Someone has to say it!

This isn’t a recent realization but just a delayed piece of writing.

There are numerous times in our life when things are just happening the way they always happened. But suddenly we have one person who talks about transforming the activity or simply removing it and LO! it’s done .

Simple and easy? It isn’t. Extremely popular amongst my friends for high level of frankness and straightforwardness, so if I say it isn’t easy – please believe me!

We come across a lot of people in our life – sensitive, humorous, short tempered, attention seekers, ones who got bad body odour, ones with horrible breath and many with a clingy attitude. Well one person can simple voice out his opinion to that “unbearable person” and get the problem solved for everyone else as well. But mostly no one takes this path – the less travelled path. Ofcourse Duniyadaari bhi cheez hai koi!  So what we do is , we stick around with these people, try to ignore them sometimes , or discuss them when they aren’t around and eventually make them butt of all jokes .

But isn’t duniyadaari taking a toll onto your life, mind and everything! And ofcourse no one dares to turn into an asshole by being extremely honest and frank. So how do we “tell the spoilsport in your group to stop being one”?

This is no “aadam baba ka zamana” that we stick around being nice to them and there is not need to be extra modern by later mocking at them when they aren’t around. LET’S GET REAL.

REALITY – We can’t even bear them for 1 minute, let alone sticking around with them.

So realize it and be prepared to welcome the change ! Make sure you know that these people are really the “run-away-she/he-is-coming” types. Keep personal judgments at bay (atleast initially ) and choose to eradicate problems like “bad body odour, over clingy people, tantrum thrower” from their and your life.

SOLUTION – If you cared to read the title and utilize your common sense, you’ve guessed it right. GO AHEAD AND TELL THEM!

Waaaiitt !! Keep that phone down and stop hovering your cursor to Facebook window to chat with them! Patience! Third step is still to be revealed. *Panting me- phew*

But before I tell you that again be prepared – this time to bring the change! You are going to speak about a person’s negative trait to him so it may not be appreciated if not put up in the right way. The person can even start crying 🙁  -if he/she is overly sensitive OR the person can even starting sweating or farting under tension!! 😉 So be nice.

Third – HOW? – SMARTLY! I know you must have called me retarded already because I gave you such a simple yet such a complex method, but dear reader be patient.  The trick is not to be “on-face”. It spoils relationships. Just say it in a smart sense.

Just being nice won’t be enough! After all bitter gourd even if cooked in honey still stays bitter! 😉  The art is to never make the person realize that you are totally going to change him or dislike something in him. *chuckles*

Gift a bottle of deo/perfume to your stinking friend and make sure it says “daily wear” 😀 Say you just got it as a gift because she/he means so much to you! But make sure she doesn’t hug you, or okay bear it for the last time! We just got smart, Dint we? 😀

Please don’t go around distributing toothpastes to people with bad breath. Else don’t you dare badmouth my blog for advising you this. I shall not know you then, and would refuse to acknowledge you as a reader of my blog!

Activate your common sense mode and look around to get chewing gums! Keep them with your for sometime and offer to that bad breath-ed person. Chewing gums are INFECTIOUS. Keep it with yourself for 3 days and keep offering it to that person. 4th day don’t! That person would himself buy chewing gums and have it. I assure you. Problem solved 😀

For your clingy/ emotional friends – just go and tell them to have a chilled out life. Everyone needs space and its best to disappear from someone’s life magically for sometime. OK be nice, sugary and soft while saying so. Or you can create a fictional clingy character and just say how everyone hates that person and you find that fictional clingy person over the top. Keep praying and hoping that the actual clingy person gets the hint?

Problems are there and even solutions are everywhere. Just keep looking! So just put up that thinking cap and activate your smart and sensitive senses. Find what would work out best in your situation and BAZINGA !

Recently my 62 year old dadi, came out by clearly accepting that she just can’t fast anymore on several occasions (even on karva chauth) and she’s fine with my mother not fasting too. :O  Result – My mom was ecstatic and dadi all pink in health ! 😀 

So yes my dear reader, if you have to reveal or accept something to someone, that you’ve been running away from, I say correct timing. Go on say it, because as you read above sometimes being honest is the best way! Might just turn a lot of  horrifying situations into blissful .

I bet you never thought that just “saying what you really feel (sometimes in the right way)” would be such a life saver, isn’t it?

PS- I just hope someone would say that farting in public is not an offence or a moment of embarrassment! # Life would be much easier!  😕

 – The Free Spirited Soul

” You smell like a rotten egg, I want to scream But I will be as tactful and nice as a cherry on top of cream” #Being nice can be pain in ass


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