Guilt the tail of your happiness? Go Tail-less!

“Today was an amazing day. I woke up a little early than usual and felt fresh! I jumped out of my bed and walked towards the terrace. It was breezy and cool. I could see artistic figures on the floor of terrace due to stains of water. So it rained last night. Smiling to myself cheerfully I decided to get ready so that I could go out on a small retail therapy! After getting dressed beautifully, I drove off to Mall for shopping. Thanks to dad I was heavy on cash and it seemed that every window of every outlet in the mall was inviting me –and this time not just to take a look! 😀 After buying a couple of dresses and cosmetics, I walked off to Cinnabon for some cinnamon delights and a hot cuppa! It has been quite some time since I have indulged myself in a day like this with such a blessed weather! After my little but hearty meal I drove back to home!”

I wish it would have been like this! But the last line isn’t really real! After my little but hearty meal I went to my car with my shopping bags and started the engine. As I was driving back to home a small little boy came upto me and begged me to buy a balloon because he’s hungry. I bought it. Then a little further another boy came upto me begging for some cash because he is too hungry! I could see tears in his eyes which he was trying to hold back. The cinnamon and coffee for the first time didn’t feel like a right combination and I just wanted to throw up, return back all my clothes and cry my heart out.

I have had a very lucky and pampered life. Infact we all have had it! We get money when we want, we never toil for it on roads, even when we need a favor our stupid ego stops us from asking for it whereas these people they have to beg even to sell something. Life is hard! And this is how the devilish guilt followed my like my tail into my happiness! But what could I do? I am just a sensitive human being who many a times feel disgusted for being happy – when she knows most of the people are in pain!

I keep experiencing this so frequently that I decided to look for a solution. And the solution is within me! Within us! Sometimes when such situations come in our life it’s a good sign. It shows that yes we are sensible beings knowing the value of money, emotions and others. We prefer not taking things for granted! And then is the next step – How to stop feeling guilty?

The Rule- We are not bound to feel guilty because we are happy! Simple!

There’s sunshine and there’s night, there are windy and grey days and there are rainy days with rainbows! This is life and it goes on. Those people they can surely do something better- find something better – only if they want! Their have come into this universe with their own destiny based on their karmas of previous birth. Their soul has chosen this life and you can do little about it.

Yes you can help them, sponsor a child’s education, provide some work to some person like them and that’s it. You can be nice to them by treating them humanly. But just because their life isn’t like yours that doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty about your life. It is your karmas and blessings that you are living such a good life with moments of happiness.

Ask yourself – are you being realistic? Yes? 😡 Okay then for what all are you responsible? Maybe you shouldn’t eat, have fun or probably not live – because you see the population is growing too! Yes, get the sarcasm please and realize you are being stupid not realistic!

So coming back to being realistic – turn a little self-centered at that moment. When you are extremely sad or in a bad situation – does someone feel like this for you? I am sure not many- THINK THIS WAY. So it’s okay! You have the right to enjoy your share of happiness and live it to the fullest!

Not feeling guilty is difficult and the easiest way out would be to be compassionate with YOURSELF and be real! Its all about karmas and who wants to bring a change! I don’t know about them (because if they wanted to bring a change, they wouldn’t have been begging) but you can- by helping them, treating them nice and just staying happy!

So block the space for any guilt creeping in and stay happy!

Wishing you much more happiness. I am sure you can handle now 😉 ! 😆

-The Free Spirited Soul

“Why do I suddenly feel guilty? Oh, been happier too long! “


  1. Agreed! , but are we not responsible for their underdevelopment?
    how? We have been very lucky and have enough to keep ourselves going. They are not.
    Now a point comes when a good human being would do either of two things –
    Either he would give him(poor) a whole lot of money or help in other terms so as to see the joyous moment of his life.
    Or he would ‘shoo away’ the poor for he(rich) wants the poor to stand on his own feet.
    Not giving ‘anything’ does not make you bad. It is like not giving child a parent hand when he falls down or when he wants it the most for the child does not know it is his preparation for the future. By giving poor a helping hand actually sets their satisfaction in begging.. and so it sustains beggary.. 😐
    Accepted that poverty can’t be ‘exempted’ completely but our hand to poor automatically supports poverty. 🙁

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