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  1. hey !!! i like a girl in my college so can i get her with law of attraction ?? and is it a big wish as u said we should ask a big wish only once . to kya ye badi wish hogi ?? aur gratitude kaise dena hai ?? i mean agar ye ladki meri gf ban gayi to mujhe gratitude kaise dena hoga universe ko ??
    please tell !!!

    • Hello Rohit.

      Sure sweets, Law of attraction works. however it shouldn’t be a forced wish. Be positive on focus on being the right guy. If the girl is right for you she’ll be with you.

      It isn’t about asking a big wish once or twice. It’s just that being practical in your wishes! What if the girl is in love with someone else? That’s why focus on being the right person for her and stay positive. If it’s meant to be it will happen.
      Be grateful by just thanking Universe/God for your wish and treating the girl right always! (Showing respect to your completed wish)
      All the best!

  2. Nice blog man ………..I wounder there are people like me on earth ………Nice to see the crazy things that you have done in blogs

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