The Burger Hunt : Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

So Folks! I like burgers. I love burgers. I dream burgers. I eat burgers and I poop burgers.

For me a perfect burger has to be vegetarian [ since I am a veggie- by choice]. And that doesn’t mean you put together some quorn, beans and onion and deep fry that ish! It has to be a perfect juicy patty which should most importantly be well seasoned. Thyme, parsley, rosemary, dill and sage – when such lovely herbs are right around the corner everywhere in London – thanks to Tesco being right around the corner everywhere in London, then why shy away from putting the greens on my greens?

So me and my friend are burger hunters, he who loves his meat meaty and I who love my veggies fresh! So we started the hunt from various pubs in and around London and then continued to speciality burger places like Gourmet Burger Kitchen [GBK] at Portebello Road, Burgers & Cocktails, Shake Shack, Patty & Bun and so so many more.

So with the lovely burger quest of mine, I experienced my own share of adventure with some oozing melting cheese, some really yummylicious patties, some dry as rock and tasteful as nothing but water patties and some not so unique same old falafel or mushroom stuck inside the buns.

But my demands do not end here.. When I order that high cholesterol burger, I do not want to be stopping at just that. I want chips. And like their name they should sound crisp. And I want cheesy sauce with it. Now that’s when I feel I am doing justice to my calorie needs. And lastly, when the place has burger in their name they better have good variety both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians or their limited veggie variety should make me feel orgasmic else I just declare them as a FAIL.

So let’s talk burgers now!

As much as the hype is all around I did not like Patty & Bun’s burgers at all. They had I am guessing, anise added to their seasoning and the taste was really weird. Plus it was the oiliest burger I ever had. I like calories as long as they don’t come out clear on what they are.

Then I tried burgers at Burgers and Cocktails by Giraffe, and the burger was pretty decent but Bah! I expect a bit more when they name the place burgers & cocktails. Falafel patty for burger? Like seriously? It was good though, had nice sauces but I’d recommend them to hover to their nearest green grocers and see that from mushrooms to pepper to potato to tomato to soya to carrots to broccoli, how so many veggies can turn out to be greatest patty! All in all.. good but I won’t go again.

Then to the love of my life – Shake Shack! They have shakes, they have fries with melted cheese on it and they have burgers with cheese inside them so when you bite.. it’s real melted cheese. And believe me you when I say.. Each time I go there I do a bit of dancing! So why it isn’t on top of my list? Because they failed to introduce veg hot dogs and they just have one veg burger. Sad. Because when a greeedy foodie likes me looks at Menu she wants to get confused and be indecisive for atleast 5 minutes before ordering. And at Shake Shack, I have my order ready when I step out of Leicester Square Tube Station! So points on keeping me engaged and undecisive – ZERO!

And now let’s business! The real deal! The place that made me feel I can also proudly be a part of burger loving family without feeling left out for being a veggie- GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN! *EVIL LAUGH* Now if you know food. If you know burgers. You should know Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

As promising as their name I can smell burgers, feel burgers and even imagine the taste just with their name running through my mind. Thats their power. And they have 3 varieties. And all of them are great. Never have I eaten a veggie burger so perfectly seasoned and fried to perfection that I just want more and more of it. And they have great variety of chips- potato, sweet potato, skinny, chunky, rosemary! You see what I was talking about from the starting? They know the produce available in London and they know how to make best use of it. They are so good at what they do, that I visited them again in Putney to officially call off my burger hunt because I not only I found my prey but I hunted it down and ate it! The awesome and well seasoned burger, with perfectly crispy yet tender sweet potato chips were complimented with lovely blue cheese sauce. So the whole experience was just too perfect and full of taste in every bite. And not to forget the atmospherics and ambience- lovely rock music with some sack of peanuts stating that the sack may contain nuts. HAHA I mean their little joke cracked me up. I love them. Period.

So all you burger hunters like me, I just sorted it out for you. The next and right stop for the juicy burger is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Multiple Locations, Great Variety and Juicy Cheesy Taste. Not just for the veggies, but my meat lover friend also has GBK on the top of his list!

For the love of Burgers!

Disclaimer- I am a marketing student, with marketing in my blood, so when I suggest something or talk about something, it may seem persuasive and convincing but you should believe me when I say, I do not take money from businesses to talk good about them. All I write are my own experiences and genuine thoughts. 🙂


-The Free Spirited Soul

The Ultimate Satisfaction at GBK *Burp

Can you see the sack at Bag? Hilarious!

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