To pee or not to pee?

“World is men’s urinal”. Well  the “world” part maybe incorrect but this is a huge truth for India atleast. Guys never have to think twice before answering the nature’s call (read as: extremely low civic sense)  but what about us? Girls!?

We have to struggle with  our ideologies, our hygiene and what not just to answer that nature’s call. The public washrooms in India still have the Indian shit pots – and frankly none of us is habitual of them anymore. And to think a little more on this-  the public washrooms are an extremely rare site.

Then we have food chains like Mc Donalds, CCDs, KFCs, Baristas – our next favorites. The bold ones would usually go direct to the washrooms but people who aren’t so gutsy often end up buying items they did not even want to eat.

Frankly, the bold ones do not experience a cake walk too because the loos in these places are extremely stinky, poorly managed and so small that while sitting on the shit pot your face is breathing directly into “Men’s loo pot”. We all know they place these both pots in an extremely small room and call it a washroom. 

It is only and only in Malls, Expensive Coffee Shops and Classy hangout joints that you get to experience the luxury of peeing. But no one visits them obviously just for the sake of peeing.

Each time I am out and I have this sudden urge to visit the washroom – I just don’t know what to think/ do.

Think about the hygiene level – if my butts should touch the shit pot (Expensive outlets or not doesn’t matter – poor maintenance is almost EVERYWHERE!!!) , ponder over “be bold and use the washroom” OR “be courteous and end up buying something” or scare away my pee up by thinking about the idea of sitting on one shit pot and breathing into other – both equally smelly.

A question that still remains unanswered to me (when I am out) is TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE?

Any fruitful answers would be welcomed! 😀

– The Free Spirited Soul

LOL.This day isn’t far ^



  1. I must say you are right But have you ever been in the mens bathroom or washroom. I think its more shity place then girls washroom. Even some people dont think of flush after using it. I like the quate said by you “A question that still remains unanswered to me (when I am out) is TO PEE OR NOT TO PEE?”

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