United we stand – The Dissatisfied ..

We fight over religion , over views , over positives and over negatives. The world sometimes just needs to a reason to war. But there are a lot of thing in which we are united.

So one of them is – Dissatisfaction . None is satisfied with what they have – and here I talk about not just materialistic needs but our ethnic origins.

Here in UK I went to see a doctor because I had not been feeling well and I asked her to prescribe me a skin lightening cream to remove tan (Because pharmacies in here do not give antibiotics without prescriptions) & she looked at me and said there is nothing like this here.

She started into my face . I stared into hers. “Why, I used to use one back in India, its just the pharmacist wouldn’t give me one here without prescription”.

“What is it with you, you are so beautiful, you don’t need skin lightening cream . Look at us britishers – we are dying to get tanned to look beautiful and you dusky beauties want to get fairer? You’re beautiful!!”

I just realized something in there we are all so united when it comes to being dissatisfied and being unhappy . Skin color unacceptability is so far I have seen the most common thing amongst everyone. It exists everywhere- each society – each culture.

Only a few people with full confidence and the readiness to accept themselves as they are – WIN.

I wonder why we don’t ever like what we have?

I want to get fair (or atleast de-tan myself) and out here every 4th shop is salon for tanning .


-The Free Spirited Soul

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