When in England, Visit Rome!

I take pride in quirky titles of my blog, it such a pep up to a topic that must have already been written about. But then TFSS has its own way of keeping you gripped [read: quirky titles].

If you are in England, especially near London, then Bath- the roman city of England is a must visit. The place has something very surreal about it, as the moment you land in there you would want to walk to its every length and uncover its every inch- even if you hate walking!

Every street and every lane has a story to tell- something you would have never really experienced before. From dainty theatres to massive abbey and ofcourse always worth mentioning- The Roman Bath!

When I got down from my bus, I was starving. Hogging was the first thing on my mind which quickly changed to walking-on an empty stomach! Why you ask? Because just after 10 steps I realised I can go a day without eating but maybe never again I would witness the serenity in the air and the quiet liveliness- that I experienced in Bath. Quiet liveliness may sound bollocks but you tell me, how many times have you been to a place which is very calm with purity in its air that makes every cell of your body feel lively.

Heading down from the bus stop, I walked to the high street looking for a place to find a map! And let me tell you I am a sucker for such things- maps, postcards, sketches- because it is like that I bought a teensy weensy part of the soul of the place. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any and the map stations placed all around the city were not working- I tried two of them and then gave up! Then google came to my rescue- oh technology you always succeed in impressing me! So I quickly googled top attractions in bath but I chose to explore the streets that were probably unexplored, before heading to the main attractions. I cannot stress enough that every half mile took me by a surprise because it’s just so different and pretty!

I walked into tiny lanes that had amazing roman architecture – the whole city was a light mud brown with beautifully paved streets with blocks of bricks. Every two steps I took only intrigued me to go further making me wanting to capture the essence of the city in me. My walk took to me the Jane Austen Centre- where I could just feel what it would have been like to write in her era in a city like Bath. Sounds like a novel nerd, but sometimes when you visit the cities where the authors had written you very well get an understanding of the beauty of their writing, how and why they wove the story they way it was. *Sigh*

Then your wanderer landed infront of the fashion museum- honestly the charges were a bit too much for me so I just picked their brochure to read on my stroll. I am not a fashionista but it was a marvellous feeling to see the dresses that were worn during the historic period of 20s-90s.  I still wonder sometimes if I belong to that era in Europe. I never liked Indian food except north indian- I never was keen to try other types of Indian cuisines but have always been madly in love with croissants, cakes and tarts! I remember when I was 15 my dad used to bring me boxes and boxes of croissants. The pretty royal dresses in Rajasthan never ignited this feeling in me that rose up on seeing this roman city-Bath. Ah! Maybe I am just barmy! Who wouldn’t want to experience the ancient Europe.

So coming back to where I headed next- The Abbey. Massive & Virtuous is how I would describe it. The glass panel in the front had 82 I think-sorry for not remebering- scenes depicted from the live of Jesus. There is something about places that speak of god or prophets. They all always emit out such a pure and virtuous atmosphere and the feeling of oneness. If only religion fanatics understood the sanctity of faith and the holy one!

Then I explored the guildhall bath market which had such lovely and exquisite stuff that I just wanted to buy it all. From there I went to Roman Bath. AND Oh My God.

Like its unreal that something like that was built during those times – so deep, so perfect and such careful consideration to its each and every aspect. The technology that people had during those times makes me so proud that I belong to such a wonderful world!

And.. I saved the best for the last and that is Pulteney Bridge in Bath across river Avon. Ever wanted to sip coffee by river side and bridge, well I wanted to and I did so. Lovely cafes, beautiful swans and birds flying across the river and my favourite- the sound of water. It all seemed so fictitious because I could truly feel that I was a part of the ancient roman era in England. Some of my best memories. You can walk around the bridge, feed the ducks- be careful they bite and just enjoy the joys of being lonesome. Well, I wasn’t lonely as I had gone with my friends but sitting at the bridge seeing the marvellous beauty I chose to be alone for that period- because I needed to absorb the beauty of this outlandish city!

*Kru Kru* I only departed from the bridge when my tummy sent me a message “Sweetheart, 1 coffe ain’t enough for me” and like everything not so english in this city, I decided to end my trip in a perfect english style- Burger, Chips and *Burp* Beer. Because after all I did experience this Rome in England!

– The Free Spirited Soul

Star of the trip- Pulteney Bridge!

Star of the trip- Pulteney Bridge!

Living my Literature Dream - Jane Austen Centre

Living my Literature Dream – Jane Austen Centre

Teensy Weensy

Teensy Weensy

Inviting Lanes!

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